5 Wedding Sparkler Safety Tips Every Bride & Groom Should Know About

Wedding sparklers are a popular find at events all over the world. They add atmosphere and give guests an interactive way to become part of the celebration. While they are generally safe to use, there are some risks that every bride and groom should know about so they can plan for a safe and successful […]

Choosing Your Wedding Tablecloths: How to Select the Right Size & Color for your Event

Tablecloths are a key part of your wedding décor. They will be touched by guests and will set the tone for the rest of the venue. Make sure you give your table décor the best backdrop by selecting high quality fabrics in the right size and color! Measure Your Tabletop to Find the Best Tablecloth […]

Decorating for Christmas Banquets: Festive Ways to Create the Perfect Atmosphere for a Holiday Event

Decorating for Christmas banquets can be exciting! There are so many ways to make any venue look festive. Décor is very important because it will set the mood for the gathering. No matter how large or small your banquet may be, you can build a setting that will impress attendees for years to come! Candlelight […]

7 Benefits of Flameless Candles: Should You Go Flameless on Your Big Day?

Some couples and event planners find themselves torn between traditional wax and wick candles and modern flameless candles. While you may feel compelled to go with the “real” thing, there are actually many appealing benefits that come with the flameless version. Flameless Candle Benefit 1: No Flame Means No Smoke A candle that doesn’t need […]