3 Ideas for a Super Fun Birthday Party

birthday party

Your birthday only comes around once per year, so why not make the most of it? Many of us have fond childhood memories of moon bounces, face painting, laser tag and other classic birthday activities. But why should kids get to have all the fun? Many party themes can be applied to adult birthday gatherings as well. Read on for some ideas to help you plan your next birthday bash.

Rock ‘N Roll Party

Party like a rockstar! A musical theme can serve as the backdrop to a fun gathering rife with booze, finger foods and loud music. String up some lights and clear off a space to use as a dance floor. Inventive guests are invited to dress as punk rockers, metalheads or representatives of whatever their favorite genre of rock might be. A loud stereo system is awesome, a DJ is better and a live band is best by far! One caveat: this kind of rowdy party won’t work so well in an apartment with paper thin walls. The good news is that there’s a workaround: the silent disco. Distribute headphones to your guests and watch them morph into dancing machines as they slip them on!

Murder Mystery Party

Unleash your inner Agatha Christie with a murder mystery party! How does this macabre twist on the traditional costume party work? First, choose a mystery. You’ll find endless options online, from murders aboard pirate ships to homicidal intrigues in medieval castles. Decorate accordingly to set the atmosphere. Assign all guests a character in advance so they know what kind of costume to wear and persona to adopt. Then simply follow the instructions included with your murder mystery game. Soon enough, your guests will be caught up in sleuthing, suspecting, blackmailing, and backstabbing each other until the murderer’s final reveal.

Tropical Beach Party

Take advantage of a warm summer night to throw yourself a beach-themed birthday bash. Dress code: Hawaiian shirts, straw hats, sundresses, flip flops, and swimsuits. If you live near the coast and can rent a beachfront pavilion, that’s the obvious choice of venue. But even if you’re hosting in your own backyard, you can transport guests to the tropics with your décor: flowers, scented candles, and lots of vibrant colors. Set up a magnificent palm tree. Break out games like cornhole, bocce ball, horseshoes, or even beach volleyball. Serve coconut shrimp, pork spareribs, and plenty of tropical fruit. And don’t forget the classic beachy cocktails like mojitos, margaritas, and piña coladas!

Bottom line: it’s your birthday, so choose any theme you like. And remember that you’re never too old to have a good time!


image credit: Bigstock/Ruth Black