How to Throw an Awesome Super Bowl Party

awesome super bowl party

Friends, football, and food: with this combination, it’s hard not to have an incredible time on Super Bowl Sunday. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to throw an unforgettable Super Bowl party.

First, let’s talk food.

Keep most dishes bite-size and finger-friendly: loaded nachos, guacamole, pizza, barbecue sandwiches and chili all work well, though we’re partial to mini crab cakes! And wings may be messy, but they’re a classic. In fact, a 2017 report by the National Chicken Council predicted Americans would consume 1.33 billion wings during Super Bowl LI, and that number is likely to keep rising every year. Just make sure you have plenty of napkins or paper towels! Feeling ambitious? Invite your guests over early and construct a DIY snack stadium!

Wash everything down with your beverage of choice. Beer is traditional, but there’s nothing wrong with breaking out the champagne. Provide some soda or juice for any non-drinkers, and don’t forget to stock up on ice!

Up next: Decorations

If you’re the type of person to throw a Super Bowl party every year (and who isn’t?), consider investing in a few items you can use again and again. In addition to football-themed paper plates and balloons, what about a ceramic football field serving tray or some sturdy plastic cups that can be reused? And if there’s ever a time it’s appropriate to hang one of these shower curtains in the living room as a dramatic backdrop, that time is Super Bowl Sunday.

Another option is simply to use the teams’ colors as your guide. Decorate with items you already own, such as throw pillows or rugs, as long as they adhere to the color scheme. And don’t forget the tables themselves! Why go with basic white when you can make a statement by using the team’s base color for the tablecloth and an organza overlay for their secondary color.

What about seating?

Hopefully, you have a big couch or two, squashy armchairs or a collection of large beanbags to keep your guests comfortable. Dust off your folding and camping chairs to add extra seats as needed. If there’s a chance people will be sitting on the floor, make sure to have blankets, mats and big pillows.

Finally, plan some activities.

The Super Bowl is, of course, the #1 entertainment focus of the day. But there are ways to up the excitement—for example, by upping the stakes! Place a few friendly bets on everything from the final score to the number of puppies featured in this year’s commercials. Ask your guests to bring along a small trinket or two to use as prizes. There are plenty of Super Bowl drinking games available online, but getting creative and making your own is always fun.

Super Bowl Sunday is a paradoxical mixture of kicking back to relax and jumping up to scream at your TV. There’s no better excuse to spend time with friends and family, eat hearty food, and take part in a beloved American tradition. Have a fantastic Super Bowl party, and may the best team win!


image credit: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture on Flickr