Choosing Your Wedding Tablecloths: How to Select the Right Size & Color for your Event

Tablecloths are a key part of your wedding décor. They will be touched by guests and will set the tone for the rest of the venue. Make sure you give your table décor the best backdrop by selecting high quality fabrics in the right size and color!

Measure Your Tabletop to Find the Best Tablecloth Size

You must know the dimensions and shape of your tabletop before you buy the cloth to cover it. Wholesale tablecloths come in three main categories: banquet, round and square.  To determine size, measure the length and width (for square and rectangle/banquet tables) or the diameter (for round tables).

Keep in mind that you want a cloth with some overhang, so you don’t want to buy one that’s close to the actual size of the tabletop. Most tables will need either a halfway overhang or an overhang that reaches the floor (approximately 15 inches to 30 inches). Determine how much overhang you would like then multiply that number by two and add it to your table dimensions. This is the ideal size of your tablecloths.

Choosing the Best Tablecloth Color

The best colors for your tablecloths will vary based on your event, décor style and preferences. Most weddings feature a two to three hue color scheme. You can choose just one color to cover all the tables or alternate all colors for a more varied look.

If you want a similar style, you can also stick with solid black or white. This option works with any color scheme you choose and will give you tablecloths that will match any future events you plan. Also remember to consider the possibility of table overlays, which give you another way to incorporate amazing color into your table décor!

Wedding Tablecloths

Choose the right size & color to get the
most amazing look for your wedding reception!