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3 Great Ways to Beat the Heat at your Summer Wedding

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

summer wedding

There’s no question about it: Summer weddings are popular. People like the idea of walking down the aisle in warm and sunny weather. Who wouldn’t?

The downside, though, is that outdoor summer weddings can be hot. Brides and grooms want the balmy climes for their ceremony, but not so much that guests are uncomfortable. Need help thinking of ways to enjoy all the plusses and none of the summer heat minuses? We’ve got three great ways!

Shade is Your Friend

On a hot day, simply being in the shade can feel 15 degrees cooler. The ceremony will probably be short enough to need no special accommodation. But make sure any outdoor cocktail hours or reception areas have ample shade. If you’re on a budget, think naturally-occuring shade, open-air roofs or strageically-placed umbrellas. In the case of umbrellas, you have an opportunity to incorporate your theme. Tenting and portable air conditioning are a little more expensive but can be worth it if the heat is significant.

Your Biggest Fans!

Handheld fans are a tasteful and elegant choice for favors. And for a summer wedding, they also serves the practical purpose of helping your guests stay cool. You may even want to have two sets: a fan with your ceremony program printed onto it for guests to use at your actual nuptials and a more ornamental (but still functional!) version as a place setting for the reception.

Stay Hydrated

Sitting outside in an afternoon of summer heat isn’t the best recipe for staying cool and comfortable. To combat the heat of the day, make sure each reception table has glasses of ice water and even a pitcher or two for refills. A cute favor or table decoration is a small spritzer bottle at each place setting. A spray of cool mist will go a long way to keeping guests hydrated and happy.

Stay cool, and enjoy your big day!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…

Wednesday, June 7th, 2017


You use mirrors to spruce up your house—why not your next event? Mirrors can make a small venue look bigger, add a fun, romantic ambiance or work as your theme. Mirrors work best for indoor, evening events, and we’ve got some great ideas to help you out! (more…)

How to Use Social Media to Spice Up Your Wedding

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Wedding Social Media

Social media has found its way into almost all aspects of modern culture, and weddings aren’t an exception. Of course, from the engagement through the reception, you should communicate with your guests how much of your wedding experience you want on social media, and they should respect your wishes. But even if you’re not a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram expert, there are lots of fun ways you can incorporate social media into your wedding, and we’re sharing a few of the best!

Honeymoon Destinations for the Adventurous

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

It’s possible that your honeymoon will be a once in a lifetime chance for exotic travel, but it’s definitely a much needed break after the stress of planning and executing a wedding. It’s easy for traveling to become a low priority as life takes over, but since it’s expected after your wedding, you should be sure to take advantage of the opportunity! This week I’ve put together a few interesting honeymoon destinations that will prove memorable for even the most adventurous couples.

Chincoteague Pony

photo credit: gr8dnes via fotopedia cc

Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland & Virginia
If you’re lucky enough to get married at the right time (end of July!), you could take your honeymoon on Assateague Island during the annual Pony Penning festivities. The ponies, most likely the descendants of Spanish shipwreck survivors, are herded across the Assateague Channel during the Chincoteague Volunteer Firemen’s Carnival. The size of the herd is limited to 150 ponies so, after being checked by a veterinarian, each year most of the foals are sold at an auction benefiting the volunteer fire company.

The Pony Penning is a great local tradition, and the many luxury bed and breakfasts on the island—I recommend the Garden and Sea Inn—provide a wonderful setting for a romantic honeymoon.

Kalinzu Forest Reserve
More adventurous animal lovers might also be interested in visiting one of the last remaining habitats of the mountain gorilla. Lonely Planet recommends a 9-day trek from Kampala through the Kalinzu Forest Reserve followed by rafting down the White Nile River before returning to Kampala. Not for the easily exhausted, this is a hard trek with the great reward of getting to see what remains of the mountain gorilla population in Uganda. Lonely Planet even offers a discount to those that sign up through their website!

Guest room at the ICEHOTEL

photo credit: bjaglin via flickr cc

A small village in northern Sweden is host to one of the most unique hotels in the world: the ICEHOTEL. Just what it sounds like, the hotel is constructed from 1,000 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of “snice” (snow and ice). The hotel, a protected and copyrighted work of art, is rebuilt and redesigned each year by around 50 artists from around the world. The ever-changing nature of this beautiful hotel give guests the chance to return year after year for a completely new experience. If you are looking for a honeymoon where snuggling in a warm bed is encouraged, the ICEHOTEL is right for you!

Some couples see their honeymoon as an opportunity to give back after the excess of a wedding. A new trend of volunteering honeymoons has been developing, and many couples find this rewarding vacation a great option. And with private rooms and weekends and evenings free, you won’t be denied the alone time we expect on a honeymoon. Global Volunteers offers programs from one to three weeks with trips as simple as delivering essential services or as intellectual as teaching conversational English.

There are many more options for adventurous couples, but as long as you are spending time together–and doing what makes you happy–the choice is yours. It’s your honeymoon!

5 Tips for Finding a Great Wedding Venue

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Where to have your wedding? It’s frequently the first question that is asked post-engagement, and it can define the look, feel and date of your event. A misstep with other details can often be fixed by an expert wedding planner or a tenacious wedding party, but the location will affect almost every aspect of your big day. Here are five tips to avoiding location disaster:
Outdoor Wedding Venue
# 5 is Take Your Time!
It’s easy to get caught up in the moment the first time you see a venue and imagine your wedding there. Remember that you want your big day to be as easy on you and everyone else as possible so making sure a venue meets your logistical needs must be a high priority.

#4 is Remember Who You Are
Unique locations are becoming increasingly popular as weddings become more of a reflection of a couple’s personalities, but these types of venues often aren’t able to provide as many of the amenities as traditional locations. Do you prefer a venue that will handle all the aspects of your wedding or do you have specific vendors you want to work with? If a venue is full-service, you may end up disappointed when they require you to use their vendors. If you choose a non-traditional location, you need to make sure you’ve covered all your bases. Ask about liquor licenses, fire marshal requirements and liability insurance to name just a few!

Indoor Wedding Venue#3 is Size Matters
You will have to decide if only close friends and family will be invited or if your third cousin once removed can have a plus one. If you are set on 300 wedding guests, your field of possibilities will be narrowed down to hotels and other large venues. On the other hand, a small wedding will be out of place in a large hotel, and you should look for a more intimate setting.

#2 is Time of Year
Some venues are gorgeous in summer, but fall flat in winter. Make sure your venue is going to look beautiful at the time of your wedding. Look at the location like a photographer would. Pictures last forever!

#1 is Ask Questions!
Venue managers are there to answer your questions, so make sure you ask. It’s better to ask twice than misunderstand. Do research online too, but remember that emotions—good and bad—are often running high when people post anonymous reviews.

You won’t be able to control every aspect of how your wedding turns out, but by taking a thoughtful approach to picking your wedding venue, you’ll be able to remove one of the biggest stresses!