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5 Wedding Sparkler Safety Tips Every Bride & Groom Should Know About

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Wedding sparklers are a popular find at events all over the world. They add atmosphere and give guests an interactive way to become part of the celebration. While they are generally safe to use, there are some risks that every bride and groom should know about so they can plan for a safe and successful wedding!

Safety Tip 1: Have a Place to Snuff the Sparklers

Guests will need a safe place to put out their sparklers and discard the smoldering sticks. Make sure you have tin buckets of sand or something similar available that can hold the sparklers without becoming a hazard. You can even decorate your sparkler discard buckets so they blend in with the décor!

Safety Tip 2: Have a Sparkler Person On Hand

The safest way to distribute your wedding sparklers is to have a person or persons assigned to the task. This way you can make sure they sparklers end up in the hands of adults and not young children. These individuals should also carry the lighters so they are not left sitting somewhere that a toddler or child can reach.


Safe wedding sparkler use ensures
that everyone has a great time!

Safety Tip 3: Plan for Outdoor Sparkler Use

Sparklers should be used outside, not inside. This will prevent accidental fires and burns to other guests. Have a designated area reserved just for sparkler time. This should be near the venue (preferably a green space beside it if your event is being held indoors). If your event is being hosted outside, you should still have an open area away from the guest seats to play with sparklers.

Safety Tip 4: Know the Rules before You Light Up

Your venue or the local area may have rules related to the use of sparklers at events like weddings. Make sure you talk to the venue owner, manager or event planner to make sure you know what is and is not permitted. After all, you don’t want to wind up with a hefty fine on your wedding day!

Safety Tip 5: Inform Guests of Sparkler Guidelines

Make your guests aware of the sparklers, when you intend to use them and the rules and resources available during that time. Guests should know when and where to light the sparklers and what to do with the used up sticks after. Clear signs are a good way to convey this information. You can also have your DJ make an announcement just in case someone misses the signs.

Choosing Your Wedding Tablecloths: How to Select the Right Size & Color for your Event

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Tablecloths are a key part of your wedding décor. They will be touched by guests and will set the tone for the rest of the venue. Make sure you give your table décor the best backdrop by selecting high quality fabrics in the right size and color!

Measure Your Tabletop to Find the Best Tablecloth Size

You must know the dimensions and shape of your tabletop before you buy the cloth to cover it. Wholesale tablecloths come in three main categories: banquet, round and square.  To determine size, measure the length and width (for square and rectangle/banquet tables) or the diameter (for round tables).

Keep in mind that you want a cloth with some overhang, so you don’t want to buy one that’s close to the actual size of the tabletop. Most tables will need either a halfway overhang or an overhang that reaches the floor (approximately 15 inches to 30 inches). Determine how much overhang you would like then multiply that number by two and add it to your table dimensions. This is the ideal size of your tablecloths.

Choosing the Best Tablecloth Color

The best colors for your tablecloths will vary based on your event, décor style and preferences. Most weddings feature a two to three hue color scheme. You can choose just one color to cover all the tables or alternate all colors for a more varied look.

If you want a similar style, you can also stick with solid black or white. This option works with any color scheme you choose and will give you tablecloths that will match any future events you plan. Also remember to consider the possibility of table overlays, which give you another way to incorporate amazing color into your table décor!

Wedding Tablecloths

Choose the right size & color to get the
most amazing look for your wedding reception!

Decorating for Christmas Banquets: Festive Ways to Create the Perfect Atmosphere for a Holiday Event

Thursday, December 11th, 2014
Christmas Candles on Table

Candles make banquet tables look stunning!

Decorating for Christmas banquets can be exciting! There are so many ways to make any venue look festive. Décor is very important because it will set the mood for the gathering. No matter how large or small your banquet may be, you can build a setting that will impress attendees for years to come!

Candlelight is a Christmas Staple

Candlelight is a must-have on the holidays. There’s something enchanting about the warm glow of a flickering flame when it’s cold outside. Traditional wax candles look gorgeous, but can be a hassle with open flames and melted wax. If you want to keep it simple, try mechanical candles or flameless candles. These are especially handy if your banquet will be a recurring event because both types are reusable. You may find that you save money in the long run by going with an alternative luminary!

Christmas Centerpiece

Christmas ostrich feather centerpieces are beautiful and easy to build!

Easy Christmas Centerpieces that Look Spectacular

The centerpiece must be carefully chosen because this will be the crowning jewel on each banquet table. If you want to keep things simple and get a perfect display, consider using ostrich feather centerpieces instead of fresh flowers. They can be reused and you can choose custom colors that fit the occasion. Try gorgeous red and green ostrich feathers or do something modern with white and blue!

Reflect on the Memories with Mirrors

Mirrors are another great way to add detail to your Christmas banquet. They create a solid reflective surface that can make rooms look bigger and doubles the shine of lights and other nearby objects. Centerpiece mirrors are a great choice because they are convenient, durable, reusable and look amazing under any kind of décor.  Use them with your centerpiece or experiment by placing them under Christmas ornaments, Poinsettias or candy canes!

7 Benefits of Flameless Candles: Should You Go Flameless on Your Big Day?

Friday, December 5th, 2014

Some couples and event planners find themselves torn between traditional wax and wick candles and modern flameless candles. While you may feel compelled to go with the “real” thing, there are actually many appealing benefits that come with the flameless version.

Flameless Votives

No flame means no smoke!

Flameless Candle Benefit 1: No Flame Means No Smoke

A candle that doesn’t need a flame won’t produce smoke. Smoke can be unpleasant to smell and can actually be harmful to anyone with a weak or compromised respiratory system. Guests with asthma and other conditions will be much more comfortable when they don’t have to sit next to a smoke-producing flame.

Flameless Candle Benefit 2: Flameless Candles are Safer for Big Events

No flame also means less risk for you and your guests. Wax candles require an open flame that could burn nearby objects. If a candle is accidentally knocked over, it could catch linens and paper items on fire.  Flameless candles also produce no hot melted wax, which can cause burns on skin.

Flameless Candle Benefit 3: Reuse Your Flameless Candles Again and Again

Flameless candles can be used repeatedly and always look just as good as they did during the first event! The candles don’t actually melt, which means there’s no mess to clean up and they always maintain their shape and size.

Flameless Candle Trio

Flameless wax candles look realistic with “melted” rims.

Flameless Candle Benefit 4: Flameless Candles Fit Most Candle Holders

Modern flameless candles are designed to fit most similarly sized candleholders. For example, if you have flameless tealights, they will fit into candleholders designed for tealights. Many different sizes and styles are available, including pillars, votives and many more so you can always find the right flameless candle to go with you existing décor.

Flameless Candle Benefit 5: Enjoy Intimate Lighting without a Flame

Today’s flameless candles are designed to recreate the look of a real flame so your guests get the same experience. Some even flicker and include faux melted wax around the outside. You can enjoy all the benefits of flameless candles without sacrificing visual appeal at your wedding!