LED Lanterns Are Here & Ready to Make Your Event Shine!

Black Hurricane LED Lantern

Get a classic look
with modern convenience!

Move over wax candles because LED lanterns are ready to take event décor to the next level! Accent and mood lighting is an essential part of many events. It’s the best way to draw attention to décor and add fine detail to your beautiful venue. While wax candles and oil lamps are appealing, they can also be a huge hassle. Instead of contending with lanterns that have a wick that must be lit and re-lit throughout the event, you can instead try safer LED lanterns!

LEDs vs. Wicks

Wax candles are a staple at weddings, religious ceremonies, birthday parties and holiday events, but they aren’t always the easiest option. Wicks must be lit (and checked in case a rogue breeze blows a few out). Burning flame produces smoke that can be uncomfortable to guests. Fire is also a hazard that must be carefully used, especially when hosting a large gathering that will require many candles or oil lamps.

LED lights, on the other hand, offer the same lovely glow without all the drawbacks. There’s no open flame or oil, so you never have to worry about a fire hazard or smoke. The lantern will continue to burn until you turn it off or until it runs out of power. That means you never have to worry about a stiff breeze ruining your gorgeously illuminated centerpieces!

LED Lanterns for Any Occasion

Our LED lantern collection is enormous and spans a wide range of décor styles. Want more color in your event? Try our fascinating colored glass globe outdoor lanterns. Prefer something more traditional? Check out the robust look of our school house lantern. We even have LED lanterns that blend well with modern décor, like our open wire work lanterns and our round outdoor lanternswith scrollwork patterns. Browse our selection and make your next event even more memorable without wax candle-induced headaches!

Silhouette Outdoor LED Lanterns

From silhouettes to washed wood, our LED lanterns create brilliant atmosphere at any event!