3 Practical Ways to Use Apothecary Jars in Your Next Event

Apothecary jars are a great choice for any event. They are elegant, functional and versatile. You can completely change the look by adding different décor or filler inside and around the jar. If you want a reusable decoration that will always look amazing, consider the following ways to introduce apothecary jars to your event décor collection. 

Glass Candy Buffet Jars
Candy looks tastier inside apothecary jars!

Build Centerpieces Around Apothecary Jars

Instead of working with common glass vases, you can change things up by building centerpieces with apothecary jars. The right size and shape will make a bold statement. Try adding unique fillers like fruit, potpourri or whatever fits the celebration. Styles like our 12.5” apothecary jar or our 12” by 7” model are great for a more traditional look. If you prefer something more original, try a 3 legged jar.

Create the Ultimate Candy Buffet with Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are also an excellent choice when setting up a candy buffet or sundae buffet. They are made of clear glass so guests can easily see the treats or ice cream toppings hidden inside. Try choosing edibles that feature colors that match your event so your jars turn into beautiful accent décor. We even carry candy buffet jars in 16” by 7” and 20.5” by 9” sizes. If you prefer something with an elegant shape, try using our 16.5” by 9” jar.

Distribute Favors or Gifts or Surprises for Guests with Apothecary Jars

Since apothecary jars are freestanding, they can be placed anywhere on the table. They function well when holding small objects or food items yet still manage to look gorgeous so they enhance décor. Try setting them up throughout your event as an easy way to distribute small gifts or surprises. Place your party or wedding favors inside or use as a simple candy dish. If you’re planning a business event, glass apothecary jars are a great way to display and distribute pins, business cards, tchotchkes or marketing materials.