The Essentials to Plan the Perfect Party

All hosts of a get together, celebration, reunion or any other kind of party want to throw a great party. These are some of the essential things you need to think about for your big bash.


The food is often one of everyone’s favorite and most memorable parts of a great party. You might choose to have a full sit down meal, or a buffet, a potluck, a barbecue or just some tasty goodies available throughout the evening. Potlucks are great because everyone will have at least one dish they enjoy and they can try other peoples’ favorite dishes too. Barbecues can be a lot of fun too, as everyone can stand around and see and smell the great food cooking, which builds anticipation and appreciation of the food.


You can choose to either do paper or digital invites but whatever you do, make it interesting! E-vites can be customized to be quite humorous or stylish, just like old-fashioned handmade ones. If you make the invitations interesting, people will know that the party is going to be something to remember!


Themes for parties make them much easier and more fun to plan, throw, and remember. If you have a good theme for your party you can plan all your food dishes, decorations and activities around that theme. For example, if you do a Mexican fiesta theme you can serve enchiladas and burritos, seven-layer dip, chips and salsa, etc. You can decorate with sombreros and saguaro cacti, and play Mexican music. Other ideas include an Italian night, ugly sweater parties, costume party, backyard barbecue, etc.


Fun activities to have at a party include things like group-friendly games such as Pictionary or Win, Lose or Draw, Charades, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, or Dance Dance Revolution. You might also try an adult version of Truth or Dare, which with the right group can become quite entertaining and enlightening. You could have several musical instruments available like guitars and bongos so people can make music together and entertain each other. Or if it’s chilly out, you could roast marshmallows together over a small backyard campfire (if it’s legal where you live), and then make use of hot tub if you have one. Don’t forget the sparklers!

Date and Time

Be sure to pick a date and time when the most people can come. Depending on how far in advance you plan your event and what peoples’ schedules are like with family obligations, planning your event around a holiday or other occasion that many people will be in the same place for, such a school’s Homecoming or something of the like, that could be a good time to host your party. On the other hand, it may be the worst time to try to plan it because everyone might be too busy with their other activities. You may want to send out a feeler ahead of time and see who could make it if you hold it on a certain day and time, and perhaps offer 3 different options for people to say which would work best. Then choose the date and time that will work for the majority of people.


Parties can be held in a variety of places. You can hold it at your home or a friend’s house if they are interested in helping you host it and have a more party-friendly house. Houses that make especially good party houses often have features such as a ping pong or pool table, swimming pool or large, nicely landscaped backyard. Other options for venues to hold your party may include a gazebo at a park, a bowling alley, ice skating rink, or community clubhouse or room.

What’s an essential piece to planning your perfect party? Share with us in the comments below!