Centerpiece Vases: Classic and Timeless

Quick question: what’s on every table at your event that can either get in the way or be a showstopper? You might be able to think of a few things, but we’re talking about centerpieces!

The centerpieces at your reception may seem like a minor detail when weighed against the swirl of venue, photographer and florist concerns. But as they’ll be on every table, guests will notice them. The centerpieces you choose are in your event photos and are the most visible piece of décor your guests interact with. So choose with care!

You have a great many options from which to select, but it’s worth noting that sometimes, the simplest—and most classic—way can be best. We recommend using vases as centerpieces, because the look is timeless and classic. This week, we’re breaking down the different types of vases you have to choose from.

Simple Yet Elegant Tapered Vases

Commonly described as “simple yet elegant,” tapered vases boast a broadening shape that can taper either upwards or downwards. This type of vase is especially suited to flowers, so if you’re looking at a ceremony or reception that is heavy on the floral arrangements, this may be the vase for you. It’s a fine example of décor that’s both traditional and broad in its appeal.

The Utility of Pan and Bowl Vases

With these vases, versatility is the name of the game. With their large, bowl-type openings, you have literally any type of display you can dream up at your disposal. That makes pan and bowl vases perfect for pretty much any event. Or even as a decorative feature in your home or business! Get these for your event, and then re-purpose elsewhere! Pan and bowl vases come in a variety of styles, from stemmed bowls and slanted glasses to more “fishbowl” type designs. You won’t have any difficulty finding one that works for you.

Decorating with Apothecary Jars

These are small, covered jars that are ideal for potpourri, fruits and nuts or other decorative accents. With apothecary jars, you really have the option to think outside-the-box when thinking inside-the-jar! For less formal receptions, they can be used to house treats and goodies for the guests. Going formal? Pretty much any sort of decorative filler will work as well. Apothecary jars offer something to everyone.

Any centerpiece theme you’re considering will work well using vases, so keep these suggestions in mind, and get designing!