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How to Use Wedding Sparklers to Make Your Reception Better

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Wedding Sparklers

Sparklers might typically be associated with the fireworks of the Fourth of July, but they’ll add a lot of fun to your wedding, too! Brides and grooms have come up with tons of exciting ways to incorporate these into festivities. This week, we’re sharing some distinctive ways to include sparklers in your wedding reception. (more…)

3 Things to Avoid at Your Wedding Reception

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

things to avoid at your wedding reception

Your wedding reception is the first celebration of your new life together, so spirits should be high. Since this event will hopefully be one of the most memorable in your life, we’re sharing three things you should definitely avoid at your reception! (more…)

5 Wedding Sparkler Safety Tips Every Bride & Groom Should Know About

Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Wedding sparklers are a popular find at events all over the world. They add atmosphere and give guests an interactive way to become part of the celebration. While they are generally safe to use, there are some risks that every bride and groom should know about so they can plan for a safe and successful wedding!

Safety Tip 1: Have a Place to Snuff the Sparklers

Guests will need a safe place to put out their sparklers and discard the smoldering sticks. Make sure you have tin buckets of sand or something similar available that can hold the sparklers without becoming a hazard. You can even decorate your sparkler discard buckets so they blend in with the décor!

Safety Tip 2: Have a Sparkler Person On Hand

The safest way to distribute your wedding sparklers is to have a person or persons assigned to the task. This way you can make sure they sparklers end up in the hands of adults and not young children. These individuals should also carry the lighters so they are not left sitting somewhere that a toddler or child can reach.


Safe wedding sparkler use ensures
that everyone has a great time!

Safety Tip 3: Plan for Outdoor Sparkler Use

Sparklers should be used outside, not inside. This will prevent accidental fires and burns to other guests. Have a designated area reserved just for sparkler time. This should be near the venue (preferably a green space beside it if your event is being held indoors). If your event is being hosted outside, you should still have an open area away from the guest seats to play with sparklers.

Safety Tip 4: Know the Rules before You Light Up

Your venue or the local area may have rules related to the use of sparklers at events like weddings. Make sure you talk to the venue owner, manager or event planner to make sure you know what is and is not permitted. After all, you don’t want to wind up with a hefty fine on your wedding day!

Safety Tip 5: Inform Guests of Sparkler Guidelines

Make your guests aware of the sparklers, when you intend to use them and the rules and resources available during that time. Guests should know when and where to light the sparklers and what to do with the used up sticks after. Clear signs are a good way to convey this information. You can also have your DJ make an announcement just in case someone misses the signs.

Wedding Sparkler Photo Ops and How to Make the Most of Them at Your Event

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Wedding sparklers are not just fun, they are also a great way to create spectacular scenes for your wedding photographer! You may want to take things further by creating your own sparkler photo ops so you know your photographer will get amazing shots that you’ll want to keep for decades.

Wedding Sparkler Photo Op Idea 1:  Writing in Fire

Sparklers are often used to create shapes, letters and numbers that are literally written in fire! For a romantic event like a wedding, simple heart shapes and circles are a great choice. It may seem overdone, but each wedding sparkler writing photo will look unique because of your specific décor style and venue.

Wedding Sparkler Photo Op Idea 2:  A Kiss That Ignites Passion

Kissing photos are a common find at weddings, but your sparklers can give them more life and detail. Have the bride and groom each hold a burning sparkler while commemorating the event with a passionate kiss or other affectionate gesture. This is a great shot to capture after dark!

Wedding Sparkler Photos

A sparkler-carrying crowd sends
off a happy bride and groom!

Wedding Sparkler Photo Op Idea 3: Sending Off the Bride & Groom

Wedding sparklers are a wonderful way to send off the bride and groom! Make sure the guests and bridal party are aware of this event so everyone participates. Have guests with burning sparklers line up to create rows then have them raise their fiery wands over the bride and groom as they pass by!  This is also a great way to get exciting shots of the bride and groom in the foreground with the sparkler-carrying crowd behind them.

Wedding Sparkler Photo Op Idea 4:  Perspective with Sparklers

Another fun wedding sparkler shot that’s easy to create includes the bride, groom and a set of sparklers! Have the happy couple hold a sparkler each at arm’s length. Capture the sparkler in the foreground with the smiling pair in the background. You can add more love appeal by having them kiss and/or gaze into each other’s eyes!

Wedding Sparkler Photo Op Idea 5: Wedding Cakes & Sparklers

Sparklers are fun way to light up the wedding cake! Make sure the photographer gets first dibs on great shots of the cake once the sparklers are lit. Place a single sparkler on top or decorate with a few, depending on the size and height of your wedding cake.