How to Plan a Beautiful Fall Wedding

Fall wedding
Fall is undeniably beautiful. The leaves change to oranges and reds, the temperatures are cool and crisp and the atmosphere is thick with excitement for the holidays. Between the weather and the feeling in the air, fall is the perfect season to host a wedding. So if you’re planning an autumn do, we’ve got some tips to help you take advantage of this wonderful time of year!

fall wedding

Decorate with a Taste of Fall

Take advantage of the cozy, welcoming colors of fall by using autumn leaves in your wedding centerpieces and in-season fall flowers for your bouquets. Chrysanthemums, thistles, garden roses and asters are all great choices for a gorgeous fall bouquet. Around the reception, the warm glow of flameless candles will put your guests in a relaxed, fall spirit.

fall wedding

Incorporate Fall Foods into Your Menu

Traditional fall foods add to the seasonal atmosphere of your wedding and (bonus!) will be as fresh as possible. Broiled squash with brown butter and cinnamon, roasted cauliflower, gingered pears…are all great choices for fun fall foods. Getting hungry yet? If you don’t want to go full on fall with a pumpkin flavored wedding cake, get creative and offer mini pumpkin pies or pumpkin chocolate chip cookies alongside the traditional offerings!

fall wedding

Avoid the Holidays

Planning your event around an established holiday is tempting. Folks generally have off work and far-away friends might be in your home town already. But think twice before scheduling during traditional family time. Most families have set holiday customs and traditions, and planning a wedding during this time could be inconvenient for your guests. Out of respect for them, you’re better off avoiding the holidays altogether.

Every season has great aspects you can use to personalize your wedding, and fall is no exception. Take advantage of the colors, atmosphere and foods, and you’ll throw the best fall wedding ever!