Designing Centerpieces with Foam Bouquet Holders

There are many ways to create a gorgeous centerpiece for weddings, parties and other events. While the methods vary greatly, not all are as simple or quick to assemble. That’s why you must find a comfortable balance between cost and effort when coming up with your own handmade centerpiece design. Don’t stress yourself out over the details. Instead, give yourself the most versatility without all the hassle by using a foam bouquet holder.

Plastic Bouquet Holder
A foam bouquet holder

How Do Foam Bouquet Holders Work?

The concept behind the foam bouquet holder is quite simple. Each consists of two main parts: the handle and the foam. The handle is a piece of plastic that is slender enough to slide into narrow vases but wide enough to hold in your hand. The top widens with openings for ribbons, cords and other hanging accents. On top of the upward cone rests a disc of floral foam.  You can assemble your bouquet just like a florist would put together an arrangement. Simply slide the stems or tips into the foam wherever you want them, working your way around the foam. 

Flowers, Ostrich Feathers and More

Foam bouquet holders look stunning with blossoms, but can also be used with other popular components. If you prefer something more luxurious or exotic, try ostrich feathers. Just slide the slender ends into the foam, taking care to work your way up and around so the finished product looks full.

If you really want to simplify the process, consider going straight to an ostrich feather centerpiece kit. Each kit contains everything you need to build a stunning handmade centerpiece – including the foam bouquet holder! The holder ensures that your lovely bird feathers won’t shift, slide or fall out during the festivities. Simplify your party or wedding planning by building centerpieces with foam bouquet holders!