Decorating With Wedding Columns, Colonnades and Arches

When planning a party or wedding, what typical decorations immediately pop into your mind? Flowers? Table linens? Candles? You’d be right, of course, but could you be leaving something out?

For such major life events, there will usually be heart-stopping moments. Camera-ready moments. Moments you’ll want to remember forever. (IE – the bride enters the room; the daddy-daughter dance; your sixteen-year-old sweetie blows out her ceremonial candles; your CEO of 40 years bids his company farewell.) Such scenes need a worthy backdrop. And something dinky probably won’t do. Consider decorating with wedding columns, colonnades (lines of columns joined by arches) or arches to achieve a look that reflects the towering significance of the event. 

These items may be imposing, but that doesn’t mean decorating with them need be intimidating! Eyeball these suggestions on how to turn wedding columns into exclamation points:

  • Most commonly seen surrounding the nuptial couple as they speak their vows, columns, arches or a colonnade can be bedecked almost as beautifully as the bride. Top with a bower of greenery or fresh flowers. Wrap with organza, tulle or sheer fabric with bows. Twine with climbing roses.
  • Create a canopy by topping four tall columns with a fabric roof.
  • Anchor your head table at a dinner or reception by placing wedding columns, colonnade or arches before a curtained backdrop, lit with white lights or floor spotlights.
  • Surround any notable space, such as a dance floor, with columns. Some people like to accent with balloons and/or fabric streamers that meet in the middle of the ceiling.
  • Flank the bridal aisle with mini wedding columns, connectively draped with sheer fabric or topped with ferns or floral arrangements.
  • Create an intimate photo nook for important guests or the bridal party.

So, you wonder, once the event is over, then what?  “Do we have to find a place to store these giants?”  Does your company or your home have a garden, patio or lawn area? Incorporate the columns into your landscaping for a timeless and graceful retreat that will cause you to drag in a refreshing breath even on the most stressful days. A few general tips for outdoor column use include:

  • using columns to surround an open rectangular area. Create a focal point in the center with a bird bath, sculpture, pond or reflecting pool.
  • placing arches around a stone water feature.
  • encouraging ivy, bougainvillea or a flowering vine to climb the columns.
  • planting bushes near the base of the columns to give them a weighted look.
  • adding complementary lighting to your outdoor retreat such as wrought iron chandeliers and wide pillar candles in hurricane globes.

Have fun with these reusable anchors of decorating! They can be with you for many years, framing your most treasured moments with family and friends.