6 Unique Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring Wedding Ideas

It’s almost wedding season! Spring may be one of the most popular times of year for weddings, but yours doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else’s. We have some great ideas to make sure your spring wedding stands out from the crowd.

Idea #1: Include In-season Fruits on Your Wedding Cake

Celebrate spring by using seasonal fruit as either a beautiful garnish or a delicious filling (or both!) for your wedding cake. Whether you fill your cake with a cherry ganache, adorn each layer with fresh strawberries and blueberries or pick a rare fruit flavor like the cherimoya, your gorgeous cake will taste great and pay tribute to springtime.

Idea #2: Choose Spring Flowers for Your Bouquet

Roses, hydrangeas and tulips might be common spring flowers, but with so many flowers in season, you can afford to be creative! Apple blossoms, sweet pea, daffodils and dogwood are exciting and distinctive additions to an eye-catching bouquet. And if you had your heart set on an expensive flower like lily of the valley—your dollar will go a little bit further in spring!

Idea #3: Provide Each Guest with a Parasol

Avoiding the spring sun is easy when you provide parasols. With loads of different styles, colors and designs, you’ll be able to find just the right parasol to match your theme. Guests will be comfortable, and the light, elegant umbrellas will look stunning in pictures, especially if you order in your wedding colors!

Idea #4: Stand Under a Colonnade

Many couples stand under an arch for their ceremony, but a colonnade is a lovely alternative your guests are sure to remember. A colonnade can adapt to any venue or wedding style when decorated with fresh flowers, lights, fabric, or more. As either the focal point of your ceremony or a backdrop to your reception, a colonnade is a wonderful complement to a spring wedding!

Idea #5: Use Watering Cans as Rustic Decorations

Watering cans are the perfect rustic accessory and add just a touch of flair to a spring wedding. Fill your watering cans with vibrant flowers, candles or twinkle lights for an easy centerpiece. Or use miniature versions as favors! Speaking of favors…

Idea #6: Give Seed Paper as a Wedding Favor

Seed paper is a tiny sheet embedded with flower or vegetable seeds. This thoughtful favor lets guests grow their own flowers when they plant the paper at home. Seed paper is an eco-friendly, inexpensive wedding favor that is a thoughtful little touch for a spring wedding.

Are you having a spring wedding? Tell us in the comments below what you’re doing to make your wedding stand out!