How to be Your Own DJ

how to dj

Can you imagine your event without music? Probably not! Music fills your venue with background noise (no awkward silences at your party!), provides entertainment and sets the mood. Given that, music is clearly one of the most important aspects of any event. While most hosts think you need to spend a lot of money to have the best music at your event, acting as your own DJ is doable when you follow these four tips!

Have Proper Amplification

One of the easiest ways to provide music for your event is to hook up your own device and play a custom playlist. But cheap, portable speakers will never be powerful enough for an event—even one with relatively few guests. Relying on speakers that don’t have the power to “raise the roof” will likely leave half your guests unable to hear the music. If you don’t own or can’t borrow anything appropriate, consider renting a set of powerful speakers. You may have to spend a little something, but you’ll still cut the cost of a DJ while ensuring people can hear.

Keep the Playlist Recognizable

Guests are more likely to stay on the dance floor if they hear music they know and love. So you can play a few songs by your favorite local band, but fill the playlist with mostly the tried and true crowd pleasers that are well known to your guests.

Remember the Flow of Your Event

One quick way to kill the vibe of your party is to play a mish-mash of songs without any flow. When setting up your playlist, take into account the different parts of your event. For instance, at a wedding, set up different playlists for the pre-ceremony, ceremony, after ceremony, guest arrival, dinner, reception and any other blocks of time that have a different mood.

Designate an MC

While you might not need a full-time DJ for your event, designating someone to introduce different parts of the event and fix any technical problems that might arise is a very good idea. Consider asking a trusted person who understands your schedule and knows their role to act as informal MC. An MC can also help you move your event along smoothly and read the crowd for signs that they are not interested in a particular song.

Music is a necessity for any event, but having a high-priced DJ isn’t. You know the mood you want to set, and you can easily shape a playlist that fits well and saves money!

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