Follow Your Instincts; Choose What You Love

Interior decorators have a tip.  Buy what you love, and your choices will complement each other.  See an antique side table you love?  See a trendy new lamp that you also love?  If you stay true to your tastes, your selections will work together, even (or especially) when they are from different eras.

Planning a wedding should be the same fun and unique experience.  Choose what you love for your colors, your dress, your centerpieces, and your ceremony.  The result will be a reflection of you and your special tastes and preferences, and your wedding will be a memorable experience for everyone involved.

If you like yellow, choose yellow, even if the formal magazines say bright orange is the current trend.  If you want orchids, have orchids.  If you want three flower girls, have three flower girls.

One trend with weddings is that you don’t have to follow all of the traditional rules, but you can, instead, create your own traditions.  Consider a sand ceremony instead of the unity candle, especially for an outdoor wedding when the candle could easily blow out.  If you have two nephews that you don’t want to choose between for ring bearers, then have them both.  That’s what I did, and it worked out beautifully.

The pouring of sand symbolizes families coming together.

Selecting the venue, the caterer, the photographer – these are major decisions based on what you love but also on vendor availability.  However, where you can leave your mark is with those personal choices that are not dependent on others – colors, flowers, music, family traditions, and creating your own traditions.  These are the choices that will complement each other and leave you and your guests with the memory of a beautiful and unique wedding.  Surround yourself with what you love.