How to Use Twinkle Lights to Set the Mood

Twinkle Lights

Twinkle lights aren’t just for winter holidays! LED light strings or curtains will transform any venue into an enchanting new world. Whether you’re inside or outside, twinkle lights set the perfect mood, but the true magic comes from how you use them. Here are a few ideas to get your creativity rolling!

Twinkle Lights Transform Inside to Starlight

Scheduling events inside is a safe choice against unpredictable weather, and you can still produce an open sky sensation. Try running LED Strings across the open ceiling—the soft twinkling from the lights gently illuminates the room while creating a starlit environment. Create a captivating ceiling that sparkles better than the nighttime sky!


Twinkle Lights Twinkling Light Tent

Define designated areas by creating outdoor rooms with LED Curtains. Hang LED Curtains from walls, clothes rods, wire or heavy string to form lit “tents” outside! If you want to lead guests to certain locations, suspend LED Curtains to form halls or paths. The twinkling lights provide adequate lighting while marvelously enhancing the atmosphere.


Twinkle LightsHighlight Your Hard Work

Twinkle lights don’t have to be the highlight of your event—use them to distinguish your focus decorations! Wrap LED Strings around columns and arches to set the perfect mood for beautiful pictures. Drape LED Curtains over balconies, handrails and stairways to magically light up the room with stunning waterfall effects. Don’t let the night hide your stunning decorations!


Twinkle Lights Twinkle Lights in Color

Set the mood simply by picking the right color of twinkle lights! String up Red Lights for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or New Year’s parties to fashion a warm, friendly setting or get the party started with a bold mixture of red and white string lights. Whatever mood you want to set, choose the colors that best support your theme.


Twinkle lights will light up your party, but don’t let our list of ideas limit your imagination. Check out our Lighting page to start thinking of your own creative twinkle light design!


photo credit: Nick Bramhall via Flickr cc by-sa 2.0
photo credit: Amy Aletheia Cahill via Flickr cc by-sa 2.0
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