School’s out! How to Host a Great Graduation Party

graduation party

Whether it’s high school, college or even the 5th grade, this is the season when school is over and those finishing a particular chapter look forward to what comes next. Chances are someone you love is among the graduates this year, and you’d like to help them celebrate their accomplishment. Now is the time to start planning, so here are some things to keep in mind when putting together a killer graduation party.

The Food

With their low-fund “college diets” and their youthful metabolisms, one thing you can say about most recent grads: These kids can eat. So make sure you put out a good spread. The food doesn’t need to be fancy or overly expensive, but a touch of tasteful décor never hurts. Pizza and wings are fine if that’s what your grad loves, but roll everything out on some nice serving dishes and clean, crisp tablecloths to show it’s delivered with love.

The Music

While certain songs are anthems and known across generations, it’s probably best to keep your playlist skewing new. Modern technology makes it relatively easy to just plug in a device and blast a lengthy catalog of tunes to a gathering, but you want to make sure you’ve got the right songs. “Current” is good, and since these sorts of parties aren’t usually sprung as surprises, feel free to ask the guest of honor and his/her friends to weigh in on the soundtrack.

The Fun

The theme is graduation, and the sky’s the limit! Wrap the cutlery to look like little diplomas, break out embarrasing pics of your grad through the ages and make sure you have a place where guests can share their advice for life after school. A time capsule is always fun, as is a grad-themed photo booth. Graduation games are great too! Keep the mood positive and focused on looking to the future!

With so many ideas for graduation parties floating around, going overboard is easy. But graduation does mean you’re stepping into the adult world, so choose just a few ideas, and then let the party-goers have fun. Your grad will have a blast closing out his or her scholastic career.