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How to Throw a Beautiful Vintage Wedding

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

vintage wedding

From an opulent Great Gatsby wedding, a more traditional Roaring 20s theme or something in the natty style of the 1960s, a vintage wedding is all about making what’s old seem new again. Although the vintage theme is quite popular, there’s no shortage of ways to put your own stamp on a vintage wedding.

Wondering where to start? There are tons of little touches that will make your event perfect, but hit these three main areas, and you’ll be throwing the vintage wedding of your dreams.

What to Wear, What to Wear?

Dressing the part is important when it comes to dating an era, so you’ll need to put some time and thought into making sure the wedding party looks the part. Your budget will dictate how closely you can re-create the time period you’re aiming for. But keep to the style as closely as possible, and try to make choices that won’t undermine your visual narrative.
You also have the opportunity to decide if you want family members, and even guests, to wear period attire. Although you probably won’t be able to get every guest on board, some will find the idea fun and charming. If you do want others to participate, provide them with suggestions, websites and images to help guide them.

Setting the Scene

The decorations are probably the best and easiest way set the tone for the era-specific atmosphere you’re looking for. Everything from the flowers and the grander design all the way down to knickknacks at the guest tables can speak to your larger theme. Depending on what version of vintage you’re going for, you can choose more classic centerpieces, flower arrangements and even place card holders.

Don’t Skimp on the Cake!

The final piece that’s central to any wedding is the cake, but at a vintage wedding, the bar is raised. Your choice of cake—and how it’s presented—should tie into your vintage wedding theme. Look at your cake stand, serving set and cake topper as the final touch. As for the cake itself, make sure you choose a baker with the skill to execute your vision. You might even want to spend a little extra for a test cake so you’re not disappointed on the day of.

Whatever era and style you’re a fan of, we know your wedding will be beautiful!

What Everyone Needs to Know About Planning a Retro Wedding

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Have you ever seen a vintage wedding that you just didn’t get? I have seen weddings that were intended to be “retro” or “vintage” but I just couldn’t tell for the life of me what era they were even going for. Simply wearing your mother’s wedding dress does not make your wedding vintage. If you aren’t careful, you will simply end up with a “dated” wedding, out-of-style, no character, and nothing that anyone will remember.

If you are planning a vintage wedding it is very important that you:

1. Learn everything that you can about your era and theme.

2. Keep your decor true to that era.

3. Plan activities for your even that fit in and were popular during that era.

4. Go all out with your theme without going overboard.



Know Your Era

The first thing you need to do is to define the era in time that your wedding theme comes from. Is your wedding theme from a more recent time like the 70s or 80s? Are you trying to emulate the roaring 20s or are you looking for a 1940s theme? If you do not have a clear vision as to what your wedding theme is, your guests won’t get it either. No matter what day and age that your wedding is going to be based on, we are living in the information age. Get on the internet and do some research. Google the era that you need to know more about and learn everything that you can. To make your wedding stand out from the rest, look for those lesser known details that no one else is doing. Yet, also incorporate themes that everyone will recognize. For example, let’s say you are basing your wedding on the 1940s. Everyone knows that WWII was going on, so you should incorporate something from that. But did you know that noir films were very popular back then with femme fatale characters. Films from your era of choice are a great resource for wedding ideas. Newspaper archives can also give you some insight.


Keep Your Decor True To the Era


This is where most people miss it. If your decor does not match your theme, then you have failed to pull off your theme. Again, let me say that you need to rent some movies from your era. How do you see in the formal settings of that time?

Also, use Pinterest to research your themes. Be careful here because most people who pin aren’t historians.

Here is a checklist to make sure your decor works:

1.  Your wedding dress must fit in with that time. I’m sorry but a modern wedding dress just doesn’t cut it.

2. Are your bridesmaids dresses appropriate to your theme?

3. Do your centerpieces fit in with that era?

4. What music was popular back then? I love the Black Eyed Peas, but they weren’t around in the 1950s.

5. Is your wedding cake in the style of that time?

6. Do your wedding invitations make your theme clear?

7. Food and drink? What was popular at that time?


Plan Your Activities Around That Era (What did people do for fun back then?)

Google “What did people do for fun in the ….. (your era of choice)”. Jot down anything that looks like it would be fun at a wedding reception. Swing dancing was popular in the 1920s. To my surprise, I also found out that the basic steps of east coast swing are relatively easy to learn. It only looks hard when professionals do it. You could have a dance instructor come in and teach people to swing dance. They will have fun no matter how well they do it.

These newly married couple picked swing dancing for their first dance! Which one do you like the best?

You Need To Go All Out Or Else Your Event Will Only Look Dated

Your theme needs to be crystal clear. If you only wear a vintage dress and put out one or two vintage centerpieces, your event will just look out-of-style. Most of your guests won’t get it. Go all out with your theme. Try to make everything fit your era down to the last detail. Keep in mind that the more recent your wedding era was the harder it is to pull off. It is harder to pull off a 1980s wedding than it is a 1920s wedding because people remember the 80s. Many people worry about going overboard with their theme, but more people under do it than over do it. Just make sure that still obey basic design principles and make sure everything flows together.

Did you have a vintage wedding that you were proud of?

Please send us your photos. We would love to feature your wedding here on our blog. Or are you an event planner who has experience with vintage weddings? If so, contact me at I would love for you to share your ideas with our readers.

A Gasp-Guaranteed Vintage Wedding Reception: 7 Tips Eclectic-Style

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

Vintage Weddings Part 1: Eclectic

Planning a winter or spring vintage wedding? Don’t be overwhelmed by the myriad ideas and facts online! It’s easy to organize your planning to create a stunning reception for your guests, whether you’re a purist Victorian with a morning wedding and breakfast reception (don’t forget to create a special corner where the bridal couple can welcome guests – perhaps using a colonnade or arches) or a later, more traditional afternoon wedding with finger foods or seated dinner.

Really there are two ways you can go: eclectic (think worn patinas on furniture and decorations, whimsical, shabby chic – with the occasional glitter of crystal or the muted shine of a silver service) or elegant (picture formal candelabras and centerpieces in silver or gold with organza chair sashes or pintuck table overlays reminiscent of a Victorian gentleman’s waistcoat). Either way there’s a common starting point: the fresh palette of whites and creams that echo the purity of a formal vintage wedding.

If you’re going eclectic, add one or at the most two colors in complimentary color families. For winter, what about the blues and silvers brought to mind by a sharp, frosty day? For spring, we like pale coral and terra cotta, with dark coral chair sashes. Consider mingling minor touches of sage green. Imagine a 45” candelabra topped with an arrangement of white and pale coral roses spilling ivy, and your table set with tiny topiary photo holder place cards!

Here are some fun, whimsical decoration ideas for your eclectic vintage reception:

  1. Mix-n-match antique chairs at your tables.
  2. Vintage tea cups filled with mini tussie-mussie guest favors, or simply with roses and baby’s breath.
  3. White bird house centerpieces (plain, filled with multi-sized white candles, or burgeoning with flowers). Bird houses hung from trees at an outdoor reception.
  4. Old buttons in the same color family filling apothecary jars.
  5. Favors of one-hued hard candy in apothecary jars and block vases.
  6. Vintage suitcases and hat boxes reminding everyone that the bride and groom are starting their first voyage together – and not just the honeymoon!
  7. Silver service with teapots crowned by white roses, surrounded by white votives.

Check back for some beautiful ideas for an elegant vintage-styled wedding!