A Gasp-Guaranteed Vintage Wedding Reception: 7 Tips Eclectic-Style

Vintage Weddings Part 1: Eclectic

Planning a winter or spring vintage wedding? Don’t be overwhelmed by the myriad ideas and facts online! It’s easy to organize your planning to create a stunning reception for your guests, whether you’re a purist Victorian with a morning wedding and breakfast reception (don’t forget to create a special corner where the bridal couple can welcome guests – perhaps using a colonnade or arches) or a later, more traditional afternoon wedding with finger foods or seated dinner.

Really there are two ways you can go: eclectic (think worn patinas on furniture and decorations, whimsical, shabby chic – with the occasional glitter of crystal or the muted shine of a silver service) or elegant (picture formal candelabras and centerpieces in silver or gold with organza chair sashes or pintuck table overlays reminiscent of a Victorian gentleman’s waistcoat). Either way there’s a common starting point: the fresh palette of whites and creams that echo the purity of a formal vintage wedding.

If you’re going eclectic, add one or at the most two colors in complimentary color families. For winter, what about the blues and silvers brought to mind by a sharp, frosty day? For spring, we like pale coral and terra cotta, with dark coral chair sashes. Consider mingling minor touches of sage green. Imagine a 45” candelabra topped with an arrangement of white and pale coral roses spilling ivy, and your table set with tiny topiary photo holder place cards!

Here are some fun, whimsical decoration ideas for your eclectic vintage reception:

  1. Mix-n-match antique chairs at your tables.
  2. Vintage tea cups filled with mini tussie-mussie guest favors, or simply with roses and baby’s breath.
  3. White bird house centerpieces (plain, filled with multi-sized white candles, or burgeoning with flowers). Bird houses hung from trees at an outdoor reception.
  4. Old buttons in the same color family filling apothecary jars.
  5. Favors of one-hued hard candy in apothecary jars and block vases.
  6. Vintage suitcases and hat boxes reminding everyone that the bride and groom are starting their first voyage together – and not just the honeymoon!
  7. Silver service with teapots crowned by white roses, surrounded by white votives.

Check back for some beautiful ideas for an elegant vintage-styled wedding!