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How to do a Retirement Party Right

Friday, August 8th, 2014

For all the satisfaction of career accomplishments and the anticipation of the rewards of rest, a retirement can be a sensitive time. The retiree is experiencing a major life change, one that will alter all the familiar patterns and cause at least a partial break with people who have over the years potentially become not only co-workers but close friends. It’s a time for the company to make sure its former employee feels appreciated – to assure him or her that he or she will be missed and remembered. There’s no better way to do that than with a fabulous retirement party that captures the flavor of who the employee is and what he or she has contributed to the organization.

Allow plenty of time to prepare. Gather information about the retiree’s background, interests and accomplishments. Translate these into a memorable party setting, whether casual or elegant.

Here are some ideas for a retirement party to remember:

  • Order a cake reflective of the career – for example, a chalk board for a teacher or a football for a coach.
  • Serve the retiree’s favorite foods and play his or her favorite music.
  • Before the party, pass a book among co-workers so that they can record their favorite memories of the retiree. Some gifted writers on staff may want to wax eloquent with a poem. Another idea is to pass out tags and have each co-worker write a funny or special recollection on their tag. Then dangle tags from a crystal tree.
  • Create a scrapbook of the retiree’s years of service – a great going-away gift!
  • Compile a slideshow of video and photo clips of the retiree to show during dinner. Include brief interviews by co-workers.
  • Looking for a game? Consider dividing a page into an even number of boxes, each containing a missing piece of info about the retiree. Each guest must fill in every box, with the first one to complete the page winning. The retiree can only answer one question per employee.
  • Pair our inexpensive eiffel tower vases with flowers or feathers for elegant but affordable centerpieces.

Conclude your evening with toasts and speeches, and the presentation of a special gift. This could be an engraved plaque or tray, or perhaps something that lets your retiree know he or she may be gone but will not be forgotten … like lunch vouchers to a favorite restaurant on a date a month or two out when he or she can meet up and catch up with previous bosses or co-workers. Don’t forget to write the date on your calendar!

3 Fabulous Centerpieces That Start with Glass Vases

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Every glass vase size and shape presents a new way to create a unique centerpiece for weddings and other important events. You can grab a handful of flowers, place them in the top and call it a day. This approach is easy, but won’t give your centerpieces the fine detail and memorable appearance that a well-planned arrangement will. The following centerpieces will really wow your guests!

Glass Eiffel Tower Vases

Eiffel Tower vases make
great DIY centerpieces!

The Romantic Eiffel Tower Vase Centerpiece

To create this look, get eiffel tower vases in your preferred size and finish. Add a solitary rose to the top. Classic red roses are a great choice, but you can make it more personal by choosing a unique hue – like the bride’s favorite color (for weddings).  Gather matching flower petals and scatter them around the bottom of the vase and you have a simple yet romantic DIY centerpiece!

The Tropical Trumpet Vase Centerpiece

Trumpet vases are clear, which means you can create a wall of color from top to bottom! Fill the interior with your favorite water bead pearls. Blue is a great choice because it creates the shimmer of the sea. Next, add in a bouquet of your favorite exotic flowers. This look can be accentuated by seashells scattered on the table or brightly colored ostrich feathers worked into the arrangement.

The Natural Cylinder Vase Centerpiece

Cylinder vases come in all sizes, so find something that matches your table size, budget and vision for the finished display. Natural arrangements can very, so don’t be afraid to get creative! Add a twig and river rocks to the interior along with your favorite organic accents. This creates a beautiful scene that looks like a miniature environment! The exterior can be wrapped in ribbon, a strip of burlap, raffia or a layering of materials for added effect.

Eiffel Tower Vases: 5 Tips for Designing DIY Centerpieces

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Eiffel tower vases are frequently used in weddings and other events each year. If you would like to use this popular container in your next DIY décor project, then there are a few things you should know to make sure the finished centerpiece looks perfect.

Eiffel Tower Vases Tip 1: Keep Stability in Mind When Designing an Arrangement

Stability is just as important as beauty when designing a DIY centerpiece. A great way to keep your Eiffel tower arrangement together is to build it around a foam bouquet holder. That way your hard work will survive throughout the event!

Reusable centerpiece mirror

A round centerpiece mirror

Tip 2: Mirrors Make Eiffel Tower Vases Look Even Taller

Eiffel tower vases are appealing because they look tall and dramatic. You can take that one step further by setting up your centerpiece on a round mirror. Centerpiece mirrors give the finished display depth that can really spice up table décor.

Tip 3: Create a Focal Point to Draw the Eye

Don’t make your arrangement too busy. If you have too much going on above, below and on the vase, it may become distracting and difficult to look at. Create a focal point and work to enhance that rather than adding components that compete with it. When using eiffel tower vases, the arrangement on top is usually a great focal point.

Bead Strands for DIY Centerpieces

Beautiful beads add detail to decor

Tip 4: Add Elegance with Strands of Beads, Crystals & More

Instantly add elegance and sophistication to a bouquet by hanging strands of crystals or beads around the base. You can let them dangle straight down from stems or create a gorgeous look by draping them all around the bottom of the arrangement so they hover over the table.

5: Always Display Tower Vases Away from Edges

For safety reasons, always setup your eiffel tower centerpiece away from edges. Place it in the center of tables or along walls when decorating tables that will be pushed against a wall for food, gifts or other purposes.