Eiffel Tower Vases: 5 Tips for Designing DIY Centerpieces

Eiffel tower vases are frequently used in weddings and other events each year. If you would like to use this popular container in your next DIY décor project, then there are a few things you should know to make sure the finished centerpiece looks perfect.

Eiffel Tower Vases Tip 1: Keep Stability in Mind When Designing an Arrangement

Stability is just as important as beauty when designing a DIY centerpiece. A great way to keep your Eiffel tower arrangement together is to build it around a foam bouquet holder. That way your hard work will survive throughout the event!

Reusable centerpiece mirror
A round centerpiece mirror

Tip 2: Mirrors Make Eiffel Tower Vases Look Even Taller

Eiffel tower vases are appealing because they look tall and dramatic. You can take that one step further by setting up your centerpiece on a round mirror. Centerpiece mirrors give the finished display depth that can really spice up table décor.

Tip 3: Create a Focal Point to Draw the Eye

Don’t make your arrangement too busy. If you have too much going on above, below and on the vase, it may become distracting and difficult to look at. Create a focal point and work to enhance that rather than adding components that compete with it. When using eiffel tower vases, the arrangement on top is usually a great focal point.

Bead Strands for DIY Centerpieces
Beautiful beads add detail to decor

Tip 4: Add Elegance with Strands of Beads, Crystals & More

Instantly add elegance and sophistication to a bouquet by hanging strands of crystals or beads around the base. You can let them dangle straight down from stems or create a gorgeous look by draping them all around the bottom of the arrangement so they hover over the table.

5: Always Display Tower Vases Away from Edges

For safety reasons, always setup your eiffel tower centerpiece away from edges. Place it in the center of tables or along walls when decorating tables that will be pushed against a wall for food, gifts or other purposes.