Wedding Columns: Which Column Finish is Best for Your Event?

The possibilities are nearly limitless when choosing a custom color for your wedding columns. That being said, there are also many versatile standard finishes you can choose from that look gorgeous. When selecting the best standard color for your wedding columns, it’s important to choose something that will match the venue and tone of the event. Below you will find a list of all standard column colors with suggestions for use and display.

White Wedding Column

White Columns

The white column is very practical because it goes with any color scheme or setting. It’s particularly popular at weddings, but can be used at other events. Business owners take note: white is a great choice when buying columns you plan to use often for different types of celebrations. 

Ivory Wedding Column

Ivory Columns

Ivory is a lot like white in terms of lightness and compatibility with other hues. It’s basically a warmer version of white, so it may be preferred for events that will use a warmer color scheme.

Granite Wedding ColumnGranite Columns

Granite is a cool color that’s light in tone. It’s a great choice for venues with stone walls or sculpture. Granite can also be very versatile and looks gorgeous indoors and outdoors.

Millstone Wedding Column

Millstone Columns

Millstone features a darker shade than granite. It’s earthier, which is great for events that will include a lot of organically colored décor.

Sandstone Wedding Column

Sandstone Columns

Sandstone has a more brick-like quality, which might look better with warmer color schemes and settings that feature more brick than stone. It’s also very earthy like Millstone, making it another great option for organic color schemes.

Terra Cotta Wedding Column

Terra Cotta Columns

Terra cotta is a very distinctive finish that’s the fieriest of all standard wedding column colors. Be careful when choosing terra cotta because it may not work in every setting. The more vibrant red hue is better suited to warmer color schemes.

Blackstone Wedding Column

Blackstone Columns

Blackstone is the darkest of all the standard column colors. It’s a lovely textured black finish that adds a touch of drama to any display. Blackstone works with just about any color scheme and is perfect to add a hint of severity and contrast to your venue.