Introducing the Newest & Most Realistic Flameless Candles You Can Use at Your Next Event!


Motion Flame Pillars
Motion flame candles

Flameless candles have become a popular alternative to traditional wax candles. Wax luminaries are lovely, but they can be a fire hazard. Not to mention the smoke they produce and wax melt off which can pool around the candle and ruin tablecloths and décor. The biggest problem many people had with going flameless was the fact that some of the older versions didn’t quite capture the visual beauty of an actual glowing wick. Our motion flame timer candles have arrived and offer a functional wax alternative that looks amazing and moves!

5" Motion Flame Candle
5″ motion flame pillar in ivory

Motion Flame Candles vs. Other Flameless Candles

Other flameless LED candle models use a flickering light effect to recreate the movement of real fire. While this can work in some settings, it is still very limited. The light typically dances within the bulb or faux flame attached to the top of the candle. It is still contained so it doesn’t actually appear to flicker like a real wax candle does. The shadows cast might look convincing, but a head on view will reveal that it’s just an imitation.

Our motion flame candles offer a solution to this problem by giving actual motion to the faux flame. A tapered light stands up over the center of the candle, surrounded by wavy rims that appear partially melted. When turned on, the “flame” visibly moves. It is not stuck within a bulb or cap but actually, physically moves so the light changes shape – just like a natural flame would!

What Can You Do with Motion Flame Candles?

6" Motion Flame Pillars
6″ motion flame candles in ivory

Anything you can do with a wax candle you can do with our motion flame candles! In fact they are even more versatile thanks to their flameless design and convenient features. Add them to any candleholder or set them directly on furniture. Since there’s no melted wax or flame, you never have to worry about damage to wood, fabrics or other nearby surfaces. You can also place them close to objects you wouldn’t normally place a lit wax candle next to.

Our motion flame candles come in a variety of sizes with an amber LED and built-in timer that turns them on for five hours then off for 19. 3 AAA batteries provide power so you don’t have to have an electrical outlet free. They produce no smoke, only beautiful, natural looking candlelight. Try them at your next event and discover the many benefits of realistic flameless candles!