4 Things Every New Event Rental Store Should Have

Opening a new event rental store can be very exciting! There’s the potential to make a lot of money all while you help couples make their special day as perfect as possible. Many brides and grooms choose to rent  larger décor and equipment instead of buying it outright. This gives them a way to get exactly what they want without spending more or having to find space to store it afterwards. The key is having a good selection of items so that customers find everything they need without turning to a competing rental shop. So what should you add to your new business to ensure the most success in the event industry?

Tuscan Colonnade Arch Set
Couples love renting columns and arches

Columns and Colonnades

Wedding columns and colonnades are a classic event accessory that can be used many different ways. Make sure you have multiple columns and at least one colonnade ready to go – preferably pieces that match. That way your customers have options when designing a backdrop for their unique event. When buying multiple columns, try to have them available in pairs so customers have the option of working with symmetrical layouts in bigger venues. 

Tables and Seating

Every event will require some type of seating and table surfaces. Make sure you have a quantity of these available. More is usually better, but make sure your purchase will fit comfortably in your new business budget so you aren’t sacrificing variety across your rental catalog. Choose chairs and tables that are durable, strong and feature a versatile look. Banquet tables are usually a good choice because they are spacious and work in any venue.

Lighting and Linens

Many couples will come to you for the bigger items, but make sure you can entice them with some smaller finishing touches as well. Stock a few elegant floor candelabras. Table linens are another popular rental item that can earn you big profits. Make sure you choose fabric accessories that are easy to wash and resistant to wrinkles and stains. When buying chair covers, make sure the covers you choose will fit the chairs you have available to rent.

Optional Décor

You can get away with sticking to the basics, but if you want to offer customers a more comprehensive list of event décor make sure you include a few centerpieces. Ostrich feather centerpieces are a great choice because the customer is not required to add any fresh flowers and they look fabulous for years.

Candelabra Decor
Candelabras are a must-have for romantic weddings