A napkin: just an unimportant piece of cloth in the grand scheme of your wedding reception or party. Right? Actually, this unassuming bit of fabric is a little item that, presented properly, can pack a big punch! Boldly colored amid snowy linens, folded creatively and standing tall, or offering your guest a surprising trinket to take home, the napkin can go a long way toward making the lasting impression you desire.

Basically there are two options to consider when you’re urging that limp little napkin to “talk” to your guests: beautiful folding techniques or unique embellishments. If you choose an unadorned, folded napkin, it’s easy to find a number of photo-illustrated, step-by-step instructions online for creating French or diamond pleats, goblet or opera fans, various pouches to cradle your silverware, or a plethora of stunning shapes like the rose, crown or cardinal hat.

Impressively folded napkins like this crown style can steal the show.

If you’re the type that likes a personal or themed touch, perhaps one of these suggestions will pique your interest:

  • For autumn, encircle napkins in 3” grapevine twig rings intertwined with wired mini-falls leaves. Or wrap in ribbon with acorns perched on top.
  • Christmas parties or weddings abound with fun ideas, including gluing spray-painted cedar roses with fresh boxwood sprigs to ribbon or attaching a tiny holly berry wreath to the bow of a gingham or striped ribbon around the napkin.
  • Imagine a vintage-themed reception accented by napkins wrapped in old wallpaper strips tied off with thin twine. Or try dangling a jewel from ribbon and placing the napkin atop printed antique china.
  • Beach party or wedding? Consider neutral napkin rings with a starfish glued to the top, or seashells glued atop twine.

If you’re looking for a way to present a favor to your guests, some creative napkin rings can do the trick. What about photos of the wedding couple in small silver frames attached to ribbon? Another idea that’s sure to be a hit is to wrap napkins in the leather band of a luggage tag with a classy silver nameplate!

Whatever you choose, remember that your napkins can provide the “pop” to any place setting. Explore your creative side, and feel free to share your ideas with us!