4 Reasons Not To Rent Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

Do you like to throw money away? If you do then go and rent ostrich feather centerpieces. It is one of the most rented products for weddings and I do not understand why. They are one of the worst items that you can rent. You come out much better buying them instead. Here are 4 reasons why:

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1. Rental prices are just as high as the cost of buying them.

Actually, rental prices can be even higher than the cost of buying new centerpieces. This is a no brainer. Why would you want to rent anything for the same price you can own it? You wouldn’t. I know what some of you are thinking? What would I do with them after my event is over?

2. You can resell them and get most of your money back.

Chances are that you won’t decorate your houses with over a dozen centerpieces. You can resell them for almost as much as you paid for them. I have even seen brides make a profit in some cases. This really makes more sense than paying the rental prices and having nothing to show for it. You can resell them easily on wedding sites like WeddingBee. I see them sell all the time on Craigslist.

3. New feathers are better than used ones.

Ostrich feathers usually hold up well and can be used over and over again. However, you are taking the risk of getting feathers that have been over handled or improperly stored if you rent. If you rent from a company that rents nationwide, then the feathers may have been shipped back and forth a lot. Improper packing can really make the feathers look wilted.

4. You pay twice the shipping cost if the company is not local.

If you rent from a national company, chances are you will have to pay shipping twice. You will have to pay to have them shipped to you and then you will pay again to ship them back. Not to mention that you will be responsible for any damage done to the feathers if something happens to them on the way back. In that case, with some companies you will end up renting them and buying them. Ouch!

So the moral of the story is this. Never rent anything that you can buy and resell. Instead, resell anything you can and use the extra money to put towards your honeymoon or first wedding anniversary.