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5 Different Ways to Use Wedding Columns at Your Event

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Wedding columns are a gorgeous addition to any event. If you want to bring more visual appeal into your celebration, then you need columns! The décor available today is very sturdy, yet lightweight so you can easily move and lift them. How can you incorporate beautiful wedding columns into your event?

Scamozzi and Column

Versatile columns like this one are very useful at events and weddings.

Wedding Column Use 1: Highlight Main Entry and Exit Points in Your Venue

Tall wedding columns are a great way to highlight the main points of entry in your venue. This could be where the bride and groom will make their big entrance or just the first area your guests will see as they enter (and the last thing they see when exiting). It sets the tone for the event and helps build excitement when guests arrive.

Use 2: Showcase Key Areas That You Want Guests to See

Despite careful planning and hard work, all the key areas in your venue may not be obvious right away to guests. A good way to grab attention is to setup some medium to tall size columns. For example, you can showcase the cake table or a special table setup for a specific message or purpose, like a memorial to a loved one. Columns tell guests that there’s something on display and they should come take a look!

Use 3: Build a Stunning Backdrop for Ceremonies & Photos

Your wedding columns don’t have to take center stage to be effective. Many couples and event planners build stunning backdrops using columns. Create the perfect background for your wedding ceremony or create an eye-catching space where guests and the bridal party can take formal looking photographs throughout the celebration.

Use 4: Display an Item on Its Own Pedestal

Wedding columns can also be used like pedestals or tables. Choose a shorter column to display a wreath, special flower or plant or photograph. This is another great way to create an elegant presentation for special messages and memorials.

Use 5: Guide Guests Down an Aisle or Walkway

Place your columns down a walkway, aisle or pathway. This is very helpful if your event is outdoors or if there are multiple paths your guests can walk down. The beautiful columns will serve as a guide to the festivities!

Empire Columns & Your Wedding: Why Classic Style is So Popular

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Empire columns are a very popular choice for weddings and other major events. They look amazing, but what many don’t know is that the design is quite ancient. The modern Empire wedding columns found in event stores and rental shops are actually inspired by one of the most beautiful reminders of the craftsmanship of the ancient Greeks.

84 inch Empire Wedding Column

The modern Empire column

The original temple is believed to have been divided into two parts, including one area of three enclosed rooms and an enormous open porch. It was on the porch that the wide spaced columns could be seen. They provided support for the roof while creating an amazing scene that must have been a breathtaking sight to behold in the temple’s heyday.

Choosing Empire Columns for Your Event

You don’t have to host a wedding inside an ancient Greek ruin to enjoy the same look as the famous Temple of Minerva once offered. Modern event planners and couples can instead find lighter, more versatile décor inspired by the originals. These columns are just as beautiful but come in smaller sizes. They are hollow and portable so you can set them up or store them almost anywhere.

When choosing the right size wedding column for your venue, make sure you consider ceiling height and floor space. A small column may be lost in a huge venue while an oversized column may be too much for a smaller venue. Also consider the purpose of the column. Do you want to highlight an aisle, doorway or pathway? Go with taller columns. Do you want to display a plant, bouquet, urn or wreath on top? Choose something shorter or mid-height.

Customizing Your Empire Wedding Columns

Don’t be afraid to get creative and combine columns of different heights. You can create a lovely tiered effect or use multiple matching columns for different purposes. Custom finishes also provide more options so you can create a classic Empire column that complements your theme, color scheme or purpose.