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How to Throw an Awesome Super Bowl Party

Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

awesome super bowl party

Friends, football, and food: with this combination, it’s hard not to have an incredible time on Super Bowl Sunday. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to throw an unforgettable Super Bowl party. (more…)

4 Interesting Ways to Repurpose Pheasant Feathers

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

pheasant feathers

Pheasant feather centerpieces are a popular choice for rustic weddings and winter events, and the end of your event doesn’t have to be the end of your experience with these long, willowy and beautifully-striped feathers. We’ve discussed creative uses for ostrich feathers and ways to reuse peacock feathers, so today we have some fun ideas for using your pheasant feathers after their initial mission is completed. (more…)