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Decorating with Wine & Martini Vases: Tips for Keeping it Classy at Your Next Event

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

Wine and martini vases are a beautiful way to add personality to your next event. This category of glass vase provides many opportunities for customization. You can create something that’s outrageous and fun or go the other direction and build an arrangement that’s sophisticated and elegant. What can you do with glass wine and martini vases?

Create Centerpieces with Classic Style

Martini and wine glasses are a great way to add instant nostalgia to your celebration. When displayed the right way, they can conjure images of old Hollywood films and the beloved stars who made them shine. Try adding gemstones, pearls or even a tastefully placed feather boa to get started. Pour pearls (or beads with a pearl finish) inside the vase. Add variety by choosing 1 or 2 colored pearls and combine with white pearls. Glass pebbles or clear water gel beads are also a good way to go for a more refined look.  (more…)