Take the Time to Troubleshoot Your Wedding. It’s Worth It!

Troubleshooting Your Wedding

We’d all like to imagine our wedding day will go perfectly, but the reality is that so many things can go wrong. Luckily, the prepared bride does not have to sit back hopelessly in times of crisis. By doing a little troubleshooting ahead of time, you can mitigate many potential wedding disasters! Today, we’re showing you a few ways you can prepare for whatever may happen.

Weather Difficulties

Possible Problem 1: Rain! Your dress is soaking wet, and your makeup starts smearing. Your bridesmaids are running for cover, and your guests are shivering.

Solution: If your ceremony is outside, always have an indoor back-up plan in case of poor weather. For venues that don’t have an interior option, find out if you can rent a tent large enough to cover the whole ceremony. No matter what the weather is, a tent will shield your guests from the elements.

A cute idea if it does rain? For the walk between the car, the ceremony, and the reception, pick out umbrellas for your wedding party that match your theme. You’ll look stylish while staying dry!

Fatigued Flowers

Possible Problem 2: Your flowers start to wilt in the middle of your summer ceremony. Your guests start whispering that it might prophesize trouble for your marriage.

Solution: Avoid the entire issue by matching your flower choices to your wedding’s season. Some flowers just can’t handle the summer heat, while others aren’t cut out to stand the winter cold. For a summer wedding, consider resilient plants such as roses and tiger lilies. For a winter wedding, popular choices are carnations, tulips and gardenias.

Car Trouble

Possible Problem 3: Your car breaks down on the way from the ceremony to the reception, stranding you and the groom for an hour until you can finally reach someone to pick you up. By the time you make it to the reception, your guests are panicking, and the food has gone cold.

Solution: Ask someone trusted in the wedding party to be your safety net. You might be attempted to assign this to the maid of honor or best man, but they’ll likely be distracted with other tasks. This is a job for one person who can come to the rescue at any moment. In this case, they could drive behind your vehicle just in case you have car trouble. If your car breaks down—or there is any kind of other issue—your trusted person will be right there to drive you and the groom to the reception.

You can easily avoid some of the most common wedding disasters with just a little bit of planning. By expecting the worst and planning for it, your wedding will be the best it can be!

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