New (Fun!) Wedding Traditions

wedding traditions

Your wedding day is YOUR special day! Don’t get stuck in the thinking that you have to follow the same old wedding traditions that have been around for decades. Modern couples are starting new wedding traditions, and so can you. Think about what you want, and don’t be afraid to do something different. This week, we came up with a few areas where you can start challenging the norm.

Ditch the Cake

Wedding TraditionsIf the fancy wedding cake isn’t your thing, forget it! Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a giant cake you don’t care about. Pick your favorite delicious alternative instead. Pies, brownies, cupcakes or cookies are all doable at a wedding. Or serve them all, and create a delicious buffet with different-sized cake stands for a creative presentation. When you’re finishing up the night with your favorite treat, we promise you won’t regret your decision!

Use Wedding Toppers to Wedding Traditions
Express Yourself

Show what you love about your relationship with fun, non-traditional wedding toppers. Use the opportunity to add an extra bit of yourself and what makes your relationship special to the day. What’s your favorite activity, or is there a common interest that brought you together? And, of course, wedding toppers don’t have to go on cakes. If you’re choosing a non-traditional dessert, you can still incorporate the topper there, place it on the guestbook table or use it as a decoration on the bar.

Add a Face to the Signatures

Wedding TraditionsGuest books are a great way to engage with your guests, and create a memory. Wouldn’t it be nice to remember the faces of the people who left you sweet messages on your wedding day? Turn your traditional guestbook
into a photo album by asking guests to take a Polaroid of themselves and include a short note. You’ll have fun pictures of your friends and family—in addition to their valuable words of wisdom!

Be fun, be new, be creative, be different, but above all, be yourself! When you follow that rule, neither you nor the guests will forget your special day.