DIY Centerpieces

When it comes to decorating for your event there are a lot of things that have to be planned. Flowers, table clothes, and tabletop decorations are just a few of the different elements. But your centerpieces will most likely be the most important aspect of your decorations. After all they are the focal point of each table and you want them to be stunning while fitting in with the rest of your decorations. Regardless of your color or decorating scheme, these gorgeous DIY sparkled center pieces will wow your guests and make your event shine. And the best part is they are so easy to assemble each one should only take you a minute or so. So call your friends, grab a couple of bottles of wine and have a DIY centerpiece party.

diy centerpieces

Materials Needed

Clean Out Vases

Before you start assembling your center pieces, make sure that the inside of your vases are clean. Running them under hot water and letting them air dry will get rid of any small particles of dirt or dust that may have gotten inside of them during packaging and shipping. Because you’re going to be putting lights inside the vases that will show off everything, you want to make 100% sure they are clean.

Place the Lights

Once the vases are clean, you can put in the lights. The great thing about Decorative Accent Lighting, like is that since they are individual lights they are perfect to use in centerpieces. All you have to do is place the light in the bottom of the vase. Because they are self-power all you have to do is turn them on before you put them in the vase. Floralytes Decorative Accent Lights are one time use only and the light will last between 36 and 48 hours. They come in a variety of colors so you can get them to match your wedding colors.

Fill Vases with Diamond Confetti

Once you’ve turned on and place a Decorative Accent Light in the bottom of each vase, fill the vases with the diamond confetti. The colored light will reflect off of the diamond confetti creating a sparkly center piece. Trumpet vases that are narrow at the bottom and gradually get larger work best because there is a larger surface at the top of the vase for the light to reflect off of.


If you want an even fancier and more colorful center piece then there are other elements that you can add. A single white ostrich feather stuck in the vase will add a dramatic flair to your centerpieces. Or you can use a feathered boa to wind around the base of the vases, adding a fun splash of color. You can also opt to use white Floralytes Decorative Accent Lights to give your center pieces a starker look.

Clean the Outside

  • Once you have your centerpieces assemble, take a microfiber cleaning cloth and some window cleaner and clean off any finger prints or dust that may have gotten on the outside of the vases. Make sure that when they are placed on the tables that you don’t re-smudge them with fingerprints.

These beautiful, shiny centerpieces are easy to put together and will look amazing, especially once it gets dark outside. While the lights are one time use only, the diamond confetti and vases can then be used to decorate your home or as gifts for your family and friends who helped with your event.

Have you made your own centerpieces before? What materials did you use that were a hit?