Should You Allow Kids at Your Event?

kids at your event

Whether or not you have kids at your event is totally up to you. If you’re thinking of inviting the younger crowd along with their parents, don’t forget most grown-up functions (like weddings and receptions!) aren’t naturally kid-friendly. Children need activities that appeal to them, so if you want to avoid the boredom tantrums, think ahead! This week, we’re suggesting a few fun ways to entertain your youngest guests.

Provide an Activities Table

If you have a lot of kids at your reception, setting up a special table just for them is a great idea. Provide an assortment of crayons, coloring books, dollar store toys and suggestions for event-appropriate activities. Bubbles, play-doh and puzzles are good thoughts as well. Line the table with paper instead of a table cloth, and they can draw on the table to their hearts’ content! Set up a low-key scavenger hunt, plan for a movie that works for everyone or provide the pieces of an easy art project. Oh, and a kid-friendly first-aid kit on hand will help clear up boo-boos and tears much faster!

Allow Them to Participate

Kids love feeling important! One way to keep kids busy is to ask them to help with something. Is there a small task they can be in charge of like passing out programs, ribbons or favors? Every event has a list of endless tasks that need to be done by someone and a few are definitely easy enough for kids. Do remember to thank them at the end of the event and, even if there were a few snafus, make sure they know they did a good job.

Hire a Babysitter

Yes, a sitter is one more expense, but save some money on decorations, and divert those funds to childcare. You might very much appreciate that decision when you get to the actual event! A sitter will keep the kids entertained, safe and free up parents for a night of fun–without having to worry about keeping a constant eye on their children. Do make sure you have the proper legal protection for yourself and the venue if you need it.

Banning kids is one way to go and certainly understandable when your event is formal. But with a little planning, you can allow little ones and have a great time. Plus, your event will be one they remember!