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What’s the Best Wedding Schedule? What to Do When!

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

wedding schedule

Managing and scheduling the moving parts of a wedding will be one of the more challenging aspects of your planning experience. But establishing a timeline for what needs to get done—and when—will let you focus on individual tasks rather than taking on the whole event at once. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick overview to guide you through the major milestones in the year leading up to your happy day. So take it one step at a time, and use our guide to help map out your year.

wedding scheduleRight away: Decide on your budget. Knowing what you want to spend will help you make all the rest of your decisions. At the same time, start your guest list. You need to know the size of the wedding since the number of guests has a direct bearing on cost and choice of venue. It’s hard to talk dollars-and-cents until you nail down whose attendance is essential.

Month 1: Pick a date. Once you agree on the day, select—and book—your venue. If the reception will be held at a different location, book that as well. You don’t want to miss out on your dream spot because someone else has it booked.


Month 2: Send your “Save the Date” cards to your guests, and begin researching photographers and DJs. Schedule and hold interviews. This gives you plenty of time to find the right match!

Month 3: Book the photographer and the DJ. Start thinking about a theme, and what you want the wedding party to wear.

Month 4: Order the wedding cake. Book the suits for the groom and groomsmen. Make your reservations for the honeymoon!

wedding scheduleMonth 5: Get rental agreements sorted. Plan your honeymoon, and if you’ll need passports, get the process started. Figure out the accommodations for guests traveling from out of town. And this is the time to buy the wedding dress!

Month 6: Now is when the best man and the maid of honor will be planning the get-togethers they’ll need to throw, so get them your invite lists. Also, book the officiant, and order your wedding invitations.

Month 7: Decide on the details of the ceremony, and work on the programs. Meet with a florist to make arrangements.

Month 8: Groomsmen and bridesmaids should get fitted for their wedding attire. Check your state laws and make sure you apply for your marriage license within the proper window of time.

wedding scheduleMonth 9: Choose your wedding rings!

Month 10: Send your invitations, and buy your groomsman/bridesmaid gifts.

Month 11: Get ready to look your best! The bride should book the hairdresser and makeup artist.

Month 12: Provide your venue with the final guest count and seating plan. Settle any remaining payments due to vendors.

Your Big Day: The planning is over, time to party! Focus on your new spouse, and enjoy the love from your friends and family. You’ll be busy, so designate a friend to keep you supplied with food and drinks. It’s your day, have fun!

From Cute to Clever: Event Place Card Ideas You’ll Love

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

event place card

You definitely don’t have to choose traditional escort or place cards when deciding how you want guests to find their seats. Place card holders come in all shapes and sizes to match every theme. And if you play your cards right (see what I did there?), your place card can even double as your favor! We want your event to be perfect, so this week we’re sharing a few awesome ideas for unique event place cards.


Don’t Set the Date for these Days!

Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

Set the date

Planning an event far in the future comes with unique challenges, especially when choosing a date! Most people are busy, so you really must give plenty of time to make arrangements. And that means taking into account cultural and social happenings. So what significant national or religious events should you take into consideration when setting a date? (more…)

How to Plan a Beautiful Fall Wedding

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

Fall wedding
Fall is undeniably beautiful. The leaves change to oranges and reds, the temperatures are cool and crisp and the atmosphere is thick with excitement for the holidays. Between the weather and the feeling in the air, fall is the perfect season to host a wedding. So if you’re planning an autumn do, we’ve got some tips to help you take advantage of this wonderful time of year! (more…)

Picking the Perfect Wedding Cake Topper!

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

wedding cake topper

Even the smallest detail can make a huge impact on the feel of your wedding. As you’re making decision after decision for your big day, one of these important details will be the wedding cake topper. With thousands to choose from, picking the perfect wedding cake topper probably feels daunting right now, so we’ve put together a few great tips to help you out. (more…)

How to Use Social Media to Spice Up Your Wedding

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Wedding Social Media

Social media has found its way into almost all aspects of modern culture, and weddings aren’t an exception. Of course, from the engagement through the reception, you should communicate with your guests how much of your wedding experience you want on social media, and they should respect your wishes. But even if you’re not a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram expert, there are lots of fun ways you can incorporate social media into your wedding, and we’re sharing a few of the best!

Take the Time to Troubleshoot Your Wedding. It’s Worth It!

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

Troubleshooting Your Wedding

We’d all like to imagine our wedding day will go perfectly, but the reality is that so many things can go wrong. Luckily, the prepared bride does not have to sit back hopelessly in times of crisis. By doing a little troubleshooting ahead of time, you can mitigate many potential wedding disasters! Today, we’re showing you a few ways you can prepare for whatever may happen. (more…)

How to Use Wedding Sparklers to Make Your Reception Better

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Wedding Sparklers

Sparklers might typically be associated with the fireworks of the Fourth of July, but they’ll add a lot of fun to your wedding, too! Brides and grooms have come up with tons of exciting ways to incorporate these into festivities. This week, we’re sharing some distinctive ways to include sparklers in your wedding reception. (more…)

3 Great Ideas for the Perfect Summer Wedding

Wednesday, June 15th, 2016

Summer Wedding

For good reason, summer weddings are always popular. People love being outside, and outdoor events can be some of the prettiest for pictures, ambiance and tone. But along with that fun comes some unique challenges. More than any other season, if you’re not prepared, you might end up with miserable guests rather than the awesome summer wedding you deserve! (more…)

3 Things to Avoid at Your Wedding Reception

Wednesday, May 4th, 2016

things to avoid at your wedding reception

Your wedding reception is the first celebration of your new life together, so spirits should be high. Since this event will hopefully be one of the most memorable in your life, we’re sharing three things you should definitely avoid at your reception! (more…)