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Social Event Planning Tools

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

I think we can all agree that planning an event can be a source of stress, and can seem complicated and overwhelming.  Chances are, you are probably wondering how you are going to get everything done that you need to do before the event date.  Take a step back and a big deep breath, though — planning is a lot easier if you are organized, and can break it down into steps or tasks.  Then you can just do one thing at a time, cross one item off your to do list every day, and before you know it you’ll be ready and the big day will be here!


Getting organized really isn’t that difficult if you have a few tools to help you out.  Software can track your to do list, when each item needs to be done by, your guest list, budget, and so on.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started.


  1. Outlook – The motto here is “Use what you’ve got,” or in other words, use the tools you already have at your fingertips.  Outlook has several features that help to make planning an event easier.  First of all is the task list, which allows you to set reminders and due dates for items in your to do list.  This will ensure that the planning gets done in time.  In addition, you also have the calendar feature, which allows you to send notifications to the attendees.
  2. Facebook – Facebook is an excellent tool for planning an event.  It allows you to place your event on the calendar, send out invitations to the friends you want to invite, and creates a page for your event where you and your invitees can leave messages for one another, discuss planning, and either accept or decline the invitation.  Best of all, it’s free — no expensive planning software to buy!
  3. Google Calendar – Google’s Calendar feature is free to use and has tons of features that make it an excellent choice for helping you with planning your event.  For instance, in addition to your personal calendar and task list, you can create shared calendars that those attending the event, or even just those helping you plan it, can access on their own Google Calendar.  In addition, Google Calendar allows you to sync to your mobile device, making it even easier to stay organized.
  4. Google Maps – Calendar isn’t the only tool Google offers that can help you plan your event.  Google Maps is another great free tool that offers a variety of features to help you get organized.  In addition to the most commonly used functionalities — mapping addresses and searching local businesses — Google Maps also lets you create a custom map with multiple locations.  You can use this feature to direct guests (for example, if your wedding will have a ceremony and reception in two separate places), or to put all the planning information in one place for you and your helpers (for instance, if someone is helping you to pick up flowers, go to fittings, etc.).
  5. Event planning software – If you will be planning a lot of events, as an independent event planner or perhaps planning company events as part of your job, you may want to invest in event planning software.  There are many options available, and you will want to do some research before making a purchase.  Try to find a comprehensive program that will store all of the information for your event in one place: guest list, task lists, budget, and so on.  If you are just planning a single event, there are also many inexpensive or free phone apps that can help you.  After scoping out the social tools you want to use at your event, don’t forget the décor! Many corporate events choose flameless candles for centerpieces and supply pens, pencils and paper for note taking.


Birthday Party Planning

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

iStock_000005673618XSmallWhether you are having a birthday party for a child or an adult, a birthday party is something they will remember forever!  Here are some simple tips for making sure your child has special birthday memories to share with their kids, and your grandparents have a birthday party to brag about!

  • Get a theme:  A theme is great fun!  Some fun themes for a kid’s party are: Fireman Party, Football Party, Princess Party, Character Party, Pirates Party, etc. Some themes for an adult’s party are: Teen Years Party, Favorite Things Party, This is your Life Party (Instead of Over the Hill Party), Black and White Party, Imitation Party, Big Cookout Party, etc.  A theme party just makes it all fun and memorable!
  • Take Time to Actually Plan the Party:  Don’t expect everything to just fall into place without planning!  You are setting yourself up for disaster if you try to wing it.  Kids need constant activities to keep them from getting bored.  Break up the party into 15 minute intervals.  Have games and projects ready at any given moment.  An adult party is a little easier, but you will need to plan on some entertainment and games.
  • Keep the party size to a Controllable Size:  Inviting too many kids could put stress on the birthday child.  Trying to socialize with all those kids takes the fun out of the birthday party.  Just make sure that your child is able to talk with everyone, while still being able to have some fun, too!  Adults can have as many as they want!  That is the joy of being an adult.
  • Decorations are a Must:  Whether you have balloons, banners, or centerpieces, a birthday party is not a party unless there are decorations!  For adult parties, you could get a little more intimate, such as candlelit centerpieces or table and chair coverings!

Planning a birthday party is so much fun.  Just remember to take the time to plan it all out!

Event Planning Software

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

istock_000005921194xsmallEvent planning can be a very frustrating process, which is exactly what event planning is NOT supposed to be – frustrating!  Whether you are planning a wedding or an event for your job, event planning should be fun and exciting.  You are in charge of an important event and it can go smoothly, with a little bit of help!

Consider an event planning software program to help you get rid of the frustration and bring the enjoyment back to event planning. There are many different event planning software programs to choose from.  It is important that you find an event planning program that will fit your needs.  Your event planning software should have the capability to:

  • Track appointments – Make sure you are able to have a monthly view of your appointments.  This gives you the opportunity to see your schedule at a glance to help you make quick decisions and prevent double booking.
  • Track tasks for the events you are planning – You should be able to get a monthly view of this at a glance, as well.  Details should come up on the same screen.
  • Allow journal or diary entries for the events –  Not only should you be able to add notes, you should be able to add notes right on the events planning screen without having to go to a different screen to add.
  • Track different projects being worked on for events – This is critical so that you are aware of what needs to be done at any given point in time.

Flexibility is important when planning an event.  Your event planning software should be able to be updated at any time with ease.  The last thing you need is to become frustrated with the event planning software you choose.  Once you find the event planning software that meets your needs, you will be ready to take on any and all event planning projects in the future!

Event Planning Contracts

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009


Contracts can be simple or extremely lengthy and detailed.  Do not take for granted that you will be told everything you need to know.  You will want to carefully read what you are signing.

This can be overwhelming.  Sit down with the event planner or subcontractor and have them read it through with you.  They should be able to explain exactly what you are reading at any given point.

Tips on for What to Look for in an Event Planning Contract

  • Details of Completed Work:  Be sure all information is included, such as: dates, times, party concept, timeline, set-up, implementing service, programs, closing and clean-up.
  • Changes in Contracts:  Things happen.  You may need to add more flowers, add special registration tables for VIPSs, or add drinks.  Make sure you understand the costs involved in adding to your contract.
  • Make sure they are Licensed:  Caterers must have food permits and licenses, as well as beverage licenses.  Event specialists or subcontractors that offer lighting or sound systems can have licensed electricians on their payroll.
  • Make sure they have Insurance:  It is important to know whether the person you are hiring has hired licensed and insured vendors or employees.  This is to protect you.
  • Deposits and Payment Terms: These will vary with each contract.  Contract should clearly state how much and when deposit is due, as well as remainder of the balance.  Also, make sure it states what forms of payments they will accept.
  • When Disaster Strikes: This just happens!  Whether minor or major, you should always have an alternate plan.  Make sure the contract specifies its policy on crises.

Making sure all the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted is critical to a success event!  You want to be sure you are dealing with qualified and respectable vendors that will ensure you event will run smoothly!

Event Planning Checklist for a Successful Event!

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

checklistWhether you are planning an event for business or pleasure, it is extremely important to prepare an event planning checklist before you begin any type of planning. Even the simplest events can turn out to be a disaster if you do not prepare a checklist. Why? Simply for the fact that you may just forget some tiny little detail that could ruin the whole event. Or, you may get so busy that you forget to do something big, like hire a caterer! Do not let this happen to you. Take the time to prepare a checklist and you will be sure to have a successful event.

There are so many different occasions for an event that it is impossible to create a checklist specifically for your event on this blog. However, we have created a short checklist that is sure to help if you are in a pinch for time. Remember, though, this is not a detailed checklist and must be tailored to fit your occasion.

  • Decide event purpose
  • Choose a theme
  • Visit potential sites
  • Get cost estimates (site rental, caterer, entertainment, etc.)
  • Create a budget and stick to it
  • Create a mailing list
  • Check for date conflicts
  • Finalize date in writing
  • Get written contracts for site, entertainment, caterer, etc.
  • If event is outdoors, set up an alternative site in case of bad weather
  • Invite and confirm VIPs
  • Set marketing or public relations schedule
  • Create a press release and calendar listings
  • Choose a photographer
  • Make a list of specific pictures you want of the VIPs with certain people.
  • Get biographical information on VIPs
  • Order invitations, tickets, poster, etc.
  • Set up final menu with caterer

Welcome to Event Planning Trends!

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

This blog has been created for you by Wholesale Event Solutions, which offers discount event planning and wedding supplies at wholesale prices to event planners, as well as the general public.

Planning an event can be an expensive process.  You do not have to settle for “cheap” party supplies.  Wholesale Event Solutions can provide you with elegant, high quality products at wholesale prices, such as centerpieces, floor and tabletop candelabras, arches and floral columns, glass vases, table linens, wax and battery operated candles, wedding accessories & favors.  It is our goal to bring back the “fun” in event party planning!

However, while an event, such as a wedding or retirement party is a wonderful celebration, it can also be overwhelming and stressful.  We understand the frustrations that can go along with planning such a large event, and we have created this blog to offer you simple tips and advice on event, party, and wedding planning.  We will provide you the important steps for planning a specific event, such as tips on creating a checklist and budget.

Not only will we help you through the initial planning stages, we will also offer some exciting tips on picking out decorations, centerpieces, cakes, etc.  You will also find informational tips, such as how to find the best services for your event (photographers, DJ’s, florists, etc.)

It is our mission to provide you with information that will make planning your event fun and memorable. Our blogs have been designed to help you plan the perfect party event!

Coming soon!

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Welcome to Event Planning Trends, a blog brought to you by Wholesale Event Solutions. More coming in June 2009!