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5 Different Ways to Use Wedding Columns at Your Event

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

Wedding columns are a gorgeous addition to any event. If you want to bring more visual appeal into your celebration, then you need columns! The décor available today is very sturdy, yet lightweight so you can easily move and lift them. How can you incorporate beautiful wedding columns into your event?

Scamozzi and Column

Versatile columns like this one are very useful at events and weddings.

Wedding Column Use 1: Highlight Main Entry and Exit Points in Your Venue

Tall wedding columns are a great way to highlight the main points of entry in your venue. This could be where the bride and groom will make their big entrance or just the first area your guests will see as they enter (and the last thing they see when exiting). It sets the tone for the event and helps build excitement when guests arrive.

Use 2: Showcase Key Areas That You Want Guests to See

Despite careful planning and hard work, all the key areas in your venue may not be obvious right away to guests. A good way to grab attention is to setup some medium to tall size columns. For example, you can showcase the cake table or a special table setup for a specific message or purpose, like a memorial to a loved one. Columns tell guests that there’s something on display and they should come take a look!

Use 3: Build a Stunning Backdrop for Ceremonies & Photos

Your wedding columns don’t have to take center stage to be effective. Many couples and event planners build stunning backdrops using columns. Create the perfect background for your wedding ceremony or create an eye-catching space where guests and the bridal party can take formal looking photographs throughout the celebration.

Use 4: Display an Item on Its Own Pedestal

Wedding columns can also be used like pedestals or tables. Choose a shorter column to display a wreath, special flower or plant or photograph. This is another great way to create an elegant presentation for special messages and memorials.

Use 5: Guide Guests Down an Aisle or Walkway

Place your columns down a walkway, aisle or pathway. This is very helpful if your event is outdoors or if there are multiple paths your guests can walk down. The beautiful columns will serve as a guide to the festivities!

Empire Columns & Your Wedding: Why Classic Style is So Popular

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Empire columns are a very popular choice for weddings and other major events. They look amazing, but what many don’t know is that the design is quite ancient. The modern Empire wedding columns found in event stores and rental shops are actually inspired by one of the most beautiful reminders of the craftsmanship of the ancient Greeks.

84 inch Empire Wedding Column

The modern Empire column

The original temple is believed to have been divided into two parts, including one area of three enclosed rooms and an enormous open porch. It was on the porch that the wide spaced columns could be seen. They provided support for the roof while creating an amazing scene that must have been a breathtaking sight to behold in the temple’s heyday.

Choosing Empire Columns for Your Event

You don’t have to host a wedding inside an ancient Greek ruin to enjoy the same look as the famous Temple of Minerva once offered. Modern event planners and couples can instead find lighter, more versatile décor inspired by the originals. These columns are just as beautiful but come in smaller sizes. They are hollow and portable so you can set them up or store them almost anywhere.

When choosing the right size wedding column for your venue, make sure you consider ceiling height and floor space. A small column may be lost in a huge venue while an oversized column may be too much for a smaller venue. Also consider the purpose of the column. Do you want to highlight an aisle, doorway or pathway? Go with taller columns. Do you want to display a plant, bouquet, urn or wreath on top? Choose something shorter or mid-height.

Customizing Your Empire Wedding Columns

Don’t be afraid to get creative and combine columns of different heights. You can create a lovely tiered effect or use multiple matching columns for different purposes. Custom finishes also provide more options so you can create a classic Empire column that complements your theme, color scheme or purpose.

4 Things Every New Event Rental Store Should Have

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014

Opening a new event rental store can be very exciting! There’s the potential to make a lot of money all while you help couples make their special day as perfect as possible. Many brides and grooms choose to rent  larger décor and equipment instead of buying it outright. This gives them a way to get exactly what they want without spending more or having to find space to store it afterwards. The key is having a good selection of items so that customers find everything they need without turning to a competing rental shop. So what should you add to your new business to ensure the most success in the event industry?

Tuscan Colonnade Arch Set

Couples love renting columns and arches

Columns and Colonnades

Wedding columns and colonnades are a classic event accessory that can be used many different ways. Make sure you have multiple columns and at least one colonnade ready to go – preferably pieces that match. That way your customers have options when designing a backdrop for their unique event. When buying multiple columns, try to have them available in pairs so customers have the option of working with symmetrical layouts in bigger venues.

Tables and Seating

Every event will require some type of seating and table surfaces. Make sure you have a quantity of these available. More is usually better, but make sure your purchase will fit comfortably in your new business budget so you aren’t sacrificing variety across your rental catalog. Choose chairs and tables that are durable, strong and feature a versatile look. Banquet tables are usually a good choice because they are spacious and work in any venue.

Lighting and Linens

Many couples will come to you for the bigger items, but make sure you can entice them with some smaller finishing touches as well. Stock a few elegant floor candelabras. Table linens are another popular rental item that can earn you big profits. Make sure you choose fabric accessories that are easy to wash and resistant to wrinkles and stains. When buying chair covers, make sure the covers you choose will fit the chairs you have available to rent.

Optional Décor

You can get away with sticking to the basics, but if you want to offer customers a more comprehensive list of event décor make sure you include a few centerpieces. Ostrich feather centerpieces are a great choice because the customer is not required to add any fresh flowers and they look fabulous for years.

Candelabra Decor

Candelabras are a must-have for romantic weddings

Wedding Columns: Which Column Finish is Best for Your Event?

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

The possibilities are nearly limitless when choosing a custom color for your wedding columns. That being said, there are also many versatile standard finishes you can choose from that look gorgeous. When selecting the best standard color for your wedding columns, it’s important to choose something that will match the venue and tone of the event. Below you will find a list of all standard column colors with suggestions for use and display.

White Wedding Column

White Columns

The white column is very practical because it goes with any color scheme or setting. It’s particularly popular at weddings, but can be used at other events. Business owners take note: white is a great choice when buying columns you plan to use often for different types of celebrations.

Ivory Wedding Column

Ivory Columns

Ivory is a lot like white in terms of lightness and compatibility with other hues. It’s basically a warmer version of white, so it may be preferred for events that will use a warmer color scheme.

Granite Wedding ColumnGranite Columns

Granite is a cool color that’s light in tone. It’s a great choice for venues with stone walls or sculpture. Granite can also be very versatile and looks gorgeous indoors and outdoors.

Millstone Wedding Column

Millstone Columns

Millstone features a darker shade than granite. It’s earthier, which is great for events that will include a lot of organically colored décor.

Sandstone Wedding Column

Sandstone Columns

Sandstone has a more brick-like quality, which might look better with warmer color schemes and settings that feature more brick than stone. It’s also very earthy like Millstone, making it another great option for organic color schemes.

Terra Cotta Wedding Column

Terra Cotta Columns

Terra cotta is a very distinctive finish that’s the fieriest of all standard wedding column colors. Be careful when choosing terra cotta because it may not work in every setting. The more vibrant red hue is better suited to warmer color schemes.

Blackstone Wedding Column

Blackstone Columns

Blackstone is the darkest of all the standard column colors. It’s a lovely textured black finish that adds a touch of drama to any display. Blackstone works with just about any color scheme and is perfect to add a hint of severity and contrast to your venue.

Decorating With Wedding Columns, Colonnades and Arches

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

When planning a party or wedding, what typical decorations immediately pop into your mind? Flowers? Table linens? Candles? You’d be right, of course, but could you be leaving something out?

For such major life events, there will usually be heart-stopping moments. Camera-ready moments. Moments you’ll want to remember forever. (IE – the bride enters the room; the daddy-daughter dance; your sixteen-year-old sweetie blows out her ceremonial candles; your CEO of 40 years bids his company farewell.) Such scenes need a worthy backdrop. And something dinky probably won’t do. Consider decorating with wedding columns, colonnades (lines of columns joined by arches) or arches to achieve a look that reflects the towering significance of the event.

These items may be imposing, but that doesn’t mean decorating with them need be intimidating! Eyeball these suggestions on how to turn wedding columns into exclamation points:

  • Most commonly seen surrounding the nuptial couple as they speak their vows, columns, arches or a colonnade can be bedecked almost as beautifully as the bride. Top with a bower of greenery or fresh flowers. Wrap with organza, tulle or sheer fabric with bows. Twine with climbing roses.
  • Create a canopy by topping four tall columns with a fabric roof.
  • Anchor your head table at a dinner or reception by placing wedding columns, colonnade or arches before a curtained backdrop, lit with white lights or floor spotlights.
  • Surround any notable space, such as a dance floor, with columns. Some people like to accent with balloons and/or fabric streamers that meet in the middle of the ceiling.
  • Flank the bridal aisle with mini wedding columns, connectively draped with sheer fabric or topped with ferns or floral arrangements.
  • Create an intimate photo nook for important guests or the bridal party.

So, you wonder, once the event is over, then what?  “Do we have to find a place to store these giants?”  Does your company or your home have a garden, patio or lawn area? Incorporate the columns into your landscaping for a timeless and graceful retreat that will cause you to drag in a refreshing breath even on the most stressful days. A few general tips for outdoor column use include:

  • using columns to surround an open rectangular area. Create a focal point in the center with a bird bath, sculpture, pond or reflecting pool.
  • placing arches around a stone water feature.
  • encouraging ivy, bougainvillea or a flowering vine to climb the columns.
  • planting bushes near the base of the columns to give them a weighted look.
  • adding complementary lighting to your outdoor retreat such as wrought iron chandeliers and wide pillar candles in hurricane globes.

Have fun with these reusable anchors of decorating! They can be with you for many years, framing your most treasured moments with family and friends.

Arranging Wedding Columns & Colonnades: How to Decorate for Your Big Day

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Wedding columns and colonnades are a great way to enhance the visual appeal of your church, reception hall or other venue. The decisions you make when setting up the display will have a powerful impact on how the event looks to guests, so make sure you are doing it the right way to avoid a décor faux pas!

Venue Windows

Windows will impact the look of any backdrop

Choosing a Location

Find an area that has enough room for your columns and colonnade. This may require measuring floor space and ceiling height before you choose your event accessories. Also remember to look around the area for anything that may detract from the display or anything that could be a hazard.

For example, never block a doorway or a fire alarm. If a window is nearby, make sure the light will complement the display rather than ruin it when the photographer snaps pictures. This is especially important if the window faces the sun during the hours of your event. Not only can it ruin pictures, but it can also blind guests and cause them to look away.

Choosing Accents

Wedding columns and colonnades look great on their own, but they look even better with a few personal touches. You don’t have to go overboard. Usually some fabric or tulle and a few flowers will do the trick. Create a symmetrical design that pleases the eye. That may mean having a larger arrangement positioned at the top and center with smaller arrangements along the sides.  You can also experiment by draping long, wispy fabric along the outside or down the middle.

When choosing accents for your wedding colonnades and columns, remember to stick with lightweight objects. If something is too heavy, it could compromise the balance of the display. This type of accessory is very safe and stable when used properly. Also avoid using a lot of excessively heavy fabrics. Light and airy materials usually look the best and sit comfortably on each column and colonnade piece.

Classic Graeco-Roman Style Colonnade Arch

The Classic Graeco-Roman style colonnade arch

Wedding Columns: How to Choose the Perfect Style for Your Big Day

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Wedding columns are an easy way to add more beauty and elegance to any event. This popular accessory will enhance photographs taken during the festivities and will create atmosphere that is worthy of a major life-changing celebration. There are many styles to choose from, so how do you know which will work best at your celebration?

Empire Wedding Column

An Empire style column

Styles of Wedding Columns

Most wedding column styles are extremely versatile, which means they can be used at any kind of event. Some may blend better with certain types of décor than others. For example, the Empire column is breathtaking and includes gentle grooves and regal display caps. The classic visual appeal of the Empire model is usually better suited to traditional décor styles.

If you prefer modern décor, then the Tuscan or metal columns may be a better choice. The metal version is very sleek yet still retains the elegance that wedding columns are known for. The Tuscan version is smooth which allows it to complement both modern and traditional styles.

Wedding Column Colors

Finishes for wedding columns

Column Finishes

The wedding column finish is also important. Pure white is nice, but some events call for a little more character. When selecting a finish, consider the color scheme of the event and look of the venue. If you plan to go with a warm set of hues, then a warmer finish like sandstone or ivory is a better choice. If you plan to go with cool colors, then blackstone or granite might be better.

Column Accessories

Wedding column accessories are also available and will give you more ways to display your décor. When choosing the right accessories, make sure you consider the space you will have to decorate in. A full colonnade with balustrade might be too big for a small church or hall. On the other hand, a single column may be too little in a large venue. Create a wedding column layout that matches the tone of your event as well as the amount of space you have to celebrate in!

Lights, Camera, Action! Planning A Wedding is a Lot Like Making a Movie

Thursday, January 10th, 2013


A wedding is like a movie in a lot of ways. First and foremost are the stars of the show, our leading actors, the bride and groom. As in a movie, the wedding is the story about them and their lives.

film strip

Next are the supporting actors, the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Their role, just like in the movies, is to support the bride and groom; in essence, to make them look good. Of course, every film has a director (the wedding planner), a production team, (the mother, the mother-in-law, the clergy, the photographer, the caterer, the florist) and finally, a set (the church, the hall, an outdoor pavilion, the beach). Today, I want to talk to you about the set.


Every set has to have perfect lighting. If you have ever watched a movie being shot, you would know that there are hundreds of lights, in various sizes and heights, which are used to provide the perfect lighting needed for filming. In the same manner, your wedding/reception needs the picture-perfect lighting to enhance your special day. A great way to achieve that look is with the use of flameless candles, such as the ones we sell here at Wholesale Event Solutions. Flameless candles come in different shapes and sizes to help you create the desired ambiance for your wedding. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the set burning down!

Every set also has to have the perfect backdrop. At Wholesale Event Solutions, we offer many different styles of wedding colonnades to make your day picture perfect! For example, if you are going for the romantic look, use the classic Graeco-Roman Style Colonnade Arch; add some tulle wrapped in soft white lights and some beautiful potted plants and you are ready to go. Or, if you are a modern bride, use the Contemporary Oval Style Colonnade for a very sleek, elegant look. All of our colonnades are sturdy and stable, yet lightweight; which makes them very easy to assemble.

And, finally, every set needs the precise trimmings to make it look real. Wholesale Event Solutions offers a wide variety of decorations. We have vases of every size and shape for perfect floral arrangements, beautiful and unique table candelabras, and our ever popular Ostrich Feather Centerpieces, which come in every color under the sun. Choose whatever fits your style, or be bold and go with something distinctive and different!


Remember, you are the “producer” of your wedding! So, take charge! Browse our website and see what we have to offer. Let Wholesale Event Solutions be your co-producer in the finest and most important production of your life–your wedding. Congratulations and happy filming!