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Get Your Romance on with a Valentine’s Day Wedding

Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

Valentine's Day Wedding

Today is Valentine’s Day, and we’re feeling the love! If you’ve been inspired by the season to throw a romantic Valentine’s Day wedding, we say great choice! You’ve got a year to plan, and we’ve have some fun ways to incorporate the season of love into your big day.

Two Hearts Beating as One

A heart-shaped theme is wedding appropriate any time of year, but if you’re planning a Valentine’s Day wedding, the theme is doubly appropriate. Stylish hearts—especially in a gold, red or silver foil–are a beautiful addition to the top or side margin of your programs. You’ll easily find heart-themed cake toppers, place settings and favors.

Do keep it classy, and don’t go overboard, but February gives you a little leeway in the heart department. This is the time of year when a little bit of heart décor is seen less as an excess of schmaltz and more as a touching hallmark of the season.

Lad(ies) in Red

While you don’t have to choose pink, red or white, even if your wedding is on Valentine’s Day, you certainly can! Pink can be gorgeous when done right, but it’s not for everyone. If you tend toward the bold and dramatic, choose a deep red for the bridesmaid dresses and complement with white bouquets. With the contrasting colors, your wedding pictures will really pop!

Keep it Toasty

Love is in the air at weddings but especially around Valentine’s Day. In many areas, though, a chill is in the air as well! Add some warmth—literally and figuratively—to the occasion with cuddly red or pink blankets as favors. Need a great send-off? Heart-shaped sparklers are just the thing! (Don’t miss our safety tips here.) The tone to set is cozy, so choose a warm color for your linens. And make sure there are enough heaters—especially if your wedding is outside!

Did you have a Valentine’s Day wedding? We’d love to see the pics! Share on our Facebook page or in the comments below!

Decorating for Your Elegant Valentine Party or Wedding – With 5 Fun Activities

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

One-stop shopping at Wholesale Event Solutions makes preparing for an elegant Valentine’s Day party or wedding as easy as tying a knot! … Well, we guess it depends what kind of knot!

Silver place settings create counterpoint to Valentine-colored decorations.

Start by selecting your table linens, chair covers and sashes in white, pink and red, topped by our ostrich feather centerpieces in those same Valentine colors. Even roses would have trouble making a bolder statement, and what could be more unique than our full bouquets of elegant plumes? Next, imagine the stunning counterpoint of silver plate chargers! And the complement of an eye-catching focal piece on your main table or in your entryway: a wired, lighted crystal tree hung with whimsical Valentine cards, ornaments and hearts.

Accent your place settings with one of our many heart-themed place card holders and guest favors. Favors include heart measuring spoons, whisks, ice cream scoops, tea infusers, butter spreaders, scented glass votives and scented soaps.

Now that you’ve got the party room set, what to do? Entertain guests with activities sure to diffuse good-hearted cheer:

  • A chocolate fondue fountain with plenty of strawberries to dip!
  • A “guess the number of ‘Be Mine’ candies” apothecary jar.
  • Valentine bingo using your own themed cards and chocolate kisses or candies as chips.
  • “Steal my Heart” activity with each guest receiving a heart charm on a safety pin upon their arrival. Whomever sees another person crossing their legs (or saying a certain phrase) can capture another heart for their pin. Every guest is always “in the game” and the one with the most hearts at the end of the party wins.
  • “Partners for Life” game with each guest being tagged on their back as they arrive with one part of a famous duo like Superman and Lois, Albert and Victoria or peanut butter and jelly. Each person can ask only one question per guest to try to find out who they are (NOT “who am I?”). Then they have to find their match.

Valentine wedding? Don’t miss our many “heartsy” wedding ensembles, heart-shaped arch and “good wishes” glass coaster favors.

Got your heart beating fast yet?