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4 Interesting Ways to Repurpose Pheasant Feathers

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

pheasant feathers

Pheasant feather centerpieces are a popular choice for rustic weddings and winter events, and the end of your event doesn’t have to be the end of your experience with these long, willowy and beautifully-striped feathers. We’ve discussed creative uses for ostrich feathers and ways to reuse peacock feathers, so today we have some fun ideas for using your pheasant feathers after their initial mission is completed. (more…)

5 Clever Ways to Reuse Your Peacock Feathers

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

peacock feathers

We love peacock feather centerpieces—especially because they are so easy to re-purpose. So get your creativity on, and get designing! To kick things off, we’ve put together five ideas that are easy, clever and inexpensive.

Create a “Flower” Arrangement

Put your peacock feathers in a clear vase, add a little decorative filler and voila! A lovely and unique arrangement with a pop of color to brighten your space. If you’d like, you can even include some real or dried flowers for variety. There are no rules, so put on your decorator hat, and arrange away! (more…)

5 Creative Ways to Use Ostrich Feathers

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Use Ostrich Feathers

Ostrich feather centerpieces are one of the best choices for your tables, and for good reason—they are a versatile decoration that adds flair to any event. But what do you do with the beautiful feathers when your event is over? With proper care and handling, you can use ostrich feather centerpieces forever, but what if you want to get creative? We’re sharing a few ideas to help you make the most of your leftover feathers. (more…)