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5 Most Dedicated Fan Weddings of 2016

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016


Since we’re in the final days of 2016, we think a retrospective is in order! We thought it would be fun to look back over the year at some of the craziest, most committed to their fandom weddings. From classic Disney to a favorite decade, we’ve chosen five of the most standout weddings in 2016.

Fun with Disney Magic

It was all about Disney for Mark and Belinda’s magical day! Disney décor made for a classy and tastefully understated theme that perfectly complemented their joyous event. They used Disney fonts, a backdrop of the Magic Kingdom for a few of their photos and songs from Disney movies during the ceremony and the reception. And of course, who could forget each guest’s standard-issue Mickey Mouse ears?

Pottermania Strikes Again!

Lewis and Cassie’s Harry Potter-themed wedding was full of authentic touches from the wizarding world. Wizards and muggles alike loved the owl statues, Ministry of Magic posters advertising the “undesireable” status of the bride and groom and the jars of Honeydukes candy decorating the venue. And don’t miss the video above of their gorgeous wedding cake. Lewis and Cassie each had a wand, of course… Because what Harry Potter wedding would be complete a duel?

Hockey Fans do it up Right

From our friends to the north, comes a very Canadian wedding! Hockey fans Greg and Andrea really went the distance with their hocky theme. The wedding party (including the flower girl!) wore ice skates, and the ceremony took place on the ice at an actual hockey arena. After the hockey-themed ceremony, guests received personalized hockey cards and signed a hockey jersey/guest book. And of course, the wedding cake was a Stanley Cup!

Traveling Back in Time

Mid-century groomsman- and bridesmaid-attire, classic cars, records and other elegant visuals set the stage for Chris and Natalie’s 1950s-themed affair. A traditional ceremony was followed by a reception full of laughter and dancing. The clever bride and groom’s first dance to “Stand by Me” fizzled out halfway through only to be replaced with a rollicking rendition of Johnny B. Goode from the band.

Football, Football, Football!

“Supporting one another from penalties, opposing defensive and offensive lines, and when the clock is working against you, never forget the greatest victories come out of the most difficult challenges.” These words spoken by Rob and Teresa’s officiant kicked off the invocation of a ceremony decorated with Seattle Seahawks memorabilia and guests, bride and groom alike decked out in football jerseys. Now that’s a fandom! The backdrop for the nuptials themselves was the Seahawks’ team color “action green” as was one particularly exuberant guest’s beard!

Every wedding has a theme, but not all are quite as extraordinary as our picks. Don’t forget, your wedding is your chance to do you. We hope these romantic and fun-filled fan weddings inspire you!

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Winter Wedding Wonderful

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

winter wedding
With so many weddings taking place in summer or fall, hosting winter nuptials is a great way to make your special day stand out. And honestly, why wouldn’t you want to get married in winter? Winter is bright, clean and—most of all—cozy. With all the feelings of closeness, from fireside snuggles to holiday-inspired fellowship, the love-filled ambiance is built right in. What better atmosphere could you choose for a wedding? With all that in mind, we have a few ideas to make your winter wedding an affair to remember.

Snowflakes – A One-of-a-Kind Decoration

snowflake-bookmarkBeautiful, symmetrical and universally beloved, snowflakes are the perfect accent for any winter party. Whether decorating the venue, filling out the centerpieces or making the wedding party gifts special, snowflakes are a classic theme that will help celebrate both your day and the season. Snowflakes are so versatile, they’ll look great as a beautiful cake topper, fun icing on cookies or even as an graceful take-home favor.



Colors of the Season

White. Blue. Silver. Stick with these sparkly influences, and you’ll infuse your event with an elegant flair dovetailing nicely with the seasonal surroundings. Even if there’s no white blanket of snow on your special day, the anticipation of a frosty wonderland will fill your guests with excitement. You may be tempted to incorporate red and green, but your wedding is your day. Christmas is well-represented in the decor department, so you’re under no obligation to include the holiday season in your wedding plans.

Drinks for the Occasion

winter weddingIn addition to traditional drinks, why not introduce hot chocolate and spiced ciders into the equation? Nothing is more welcoming on a cold winter day than a steaming mug of hot chocolate (with snowflake marshmallows, of course)! The mugs for the warm drinks can provide another fun canvas to display wedding flair, and one that offers greater possibilities than simple white print on crystal flutes. Just another way to put your own unique stamp on the day!

Winter weddings need very little help to achieve peak beauty and romance. Just pick your winter theme, and stick with it. And, if you get your fill of the season, you can always go somewhere warm for the honeymoon!



photo credit: Bigstock/maksheb