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How to Use Floralytes in Your Centerpieces and Decor

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Floralytes are a convenient choice for centerpieces that need a little illumination. Lights can draw attention to your finest décor. That’s why so many couples and event planners choose to light up the centerpiece on every guest table. Create a stunning display that will leave guests in awe with floralytes!

Colorful Floralytes

Floralytes come in many colors

Using Floralytes Step 1: Choose a Floralyte Color for Your Centerpieces

Floralytes come in a number of beautiful colors. You can stick with plain white or choose a hue that will add glowing highlights to your décor. Find something that matches the color scheme. For example, blue or green might be better for a sea themed event while red or pink might be better for something with romantic flair. View all available colors to find the best shade for your personal taste and venue.

Using Floralytes Step 2: Prepare Your Floralytes for Display

Floralytes are intended to be used one time, so you don’t want to turn them on as soon as you receive them. Make sure you time them so they stay lit throughout the celebration. Each bulb will glow for between 36 and 48 hours in a dry display or 10 to 16 hours in an aquatic display.

If you are decorating days before the event, you can still setup your Floralytes. Place each bulb where you want it or set it next to the centerpiece or decoration it is intended to be used in. Then have someone or a few people go around and turn on your Floralytes just before the festivities begin.

Using Floralytes Step 3: Easy Floralyte Clean Up

Floralytes are appealing for one-time events because they are single use. Instead of adding more to your packing list after the event, you can just toss them in the trash. Make sure you separate them from other décor so the attached string doesn’t become tangled.

How to Use Water Beads: A Quick Guide for Gorgeous Décor

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Water beads are one of the most versatile, convenient and beautiful vase fillers you can use. Wedding and event décor requires perfection, right down to the fine details. Pliable water beads are the easiest way to fill glass vases and other containers to create a gorgeous, shimmering wall of color that makes your venue look absolutely breathtaking!

Using Water Beads Step 1: Prepare Containers Big Enough to Hold the Saturated Water Beads

You will need a container that’s much bigger than the dried water beads. A single 340 gram bottle can grow to as much as 60 times its original size to a total of 15 gallons. If you plan to use different colors, make sure you have a different container for each water bead color (unless you plan to mix them). This will allow you to create single-color containers or to work with layers.

Using Water Beads Step 2: Begin Soaking Beads with Enough Time to Fully Saturate

Soaking water beads takes many hours, so make sure you start well in advance. It is best to allow your beads to soak for between four and eight hours to ensure that they reach their biggest state.  Place them out of the way in an area where pets and children won’t be able to disturb your water beads. If you plan to use water beads to fill live plant pots, remember to spray them with water once every two to three weeks.

Using Water Beads Step 3: Add Soaked Beads to Your Vases or Other Decorative Containers

Once your beads are soaked, it’s time to start filling your beautiful vases or glass containers! Simply pour the beads into the container and observe as it instantly takes the form of the container. Remember to add other necessary items first, like bouquet holders or flower stems, so your colorful water beads fill the area around objects without overflowing. Our water beads are commonly used in ostrich feather centerpieces.

Ostrich Feather Centerpiece

Water beads add a gorgeous
shimmer to centerpieces!

Table Linen Care: Instructions That Will Make Your Linens Last Longer!

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Table linens are a must-have for any high class event. Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, graduation party or a milestone birthday party, linens can take the décor and atmosphere to the next level. Quality linens will last a long time as long as they are properly cared for. Wholesale tablecloths are a great investment as they can be used for years to come. Make your event investment last even longer by getting more out of your fabric accessories!

Machine Washable Cloth Napkins

Linens you can wash at home
are much easier to maintain.

Always Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Your table linens will include specific instructions recommended by the manufacturer. This will usually include a note about how to clean and care for your fabric products. Make sure you read this information entirely and follow it as specified. This is the best way to avoid faded colors, unraveled seams and other common cloth napkin issues.

Choose Durable Linens That Are Low Maintenance

If you plan to buy linens, make sure you choose a product that is low maintenance. Fabrics that are resistant to stains and wrinkling will be the easiest to care for. Also look for linens that do not require a third party cleaning service. Fabrics that can be washed right at home in your washing machine and dryer will make life much easier before and after each event!

Satin Cloth Napkins

Satin napkins look gorgeous
when clean and wrinkle-free!

Have a Stain-Removal Plan for your Linens

No matter how careful you or your guests are, it is going to happen. Eventually a stain will wind up on your beautiful table linens. The best way to deal with this problem is to have a plan in place before it happens so you can get the stain out quickly and effectively.

The plan will vary based on the type of material used to make your cloth napkins or tablecloths as well as what was spilled on them. If you’re removing red wine from satin, make sure you absorb as much as you can with a towel then soak in warm water. Oil and grease stains can be lifted using a sprinkling of baby powder. Stained polyester, on the other hand, could be cleaned with rubbing alcohol, dish soap and/or vinegar.

Wedding Sparkler Photo Ops and How to Make the Most of Them at Your Event

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Wedding sparklers are not just fun, they are also a great way to create spectacular scenes for your wedding photographer! You may want to take things further by creating your own sparkler photo ops so you know your photographer will get amazing shots that you’ll want to keep for decades.

Wedding Sparkler Photo Op Idea 1:  Writing in Fire

Sparklers are often used to create shapes, letters and numbers that are literally written in fire! For a romantic event like a wedding, simple heart shapes and circles are a great choice. It may seem overdone, but each wedding sparkler writing photo will look unique because of your specific décor style and venue.

Wedding Sparkler Photo Op Idea 2:  A Kiss That Ignites Passion

Kissing photos are a common find at weddings, but your sparklers can give them more life and detail. Have the bride and groom each hold a burning sparkler while commemorating the event with a passionate kiss or other affectionate gesture. This is a great shot to capture after dark!

Wedding Sparkler Photos

A sparkler-carrying crowd sends
off a happy bride and groom!

Wedding Sparkler Photo Op Idea 3: Sending Off the Bride & Groom

Wedding sparklers are a wonderful way to send off the bride and groom! Make sure the guests and bridal party are aware of this event so everyone participates. Have guests with burning sparklers line up to create rows then have them raise their fiery wands over the bride and groom as they pass by!  This is also a great way to get exciting shots of the bride and groom in the foreground with the sparkler-carrying crowd behind them.

Wedding Sparkler Photo Op Idea 4:  Perspective with Sparklers

Another fun wedding sparkler shot that’s easy to create includes the bride, groom and a set of sparklers! Have the happy couple hold a sparkler each at arm’s length. Capture the sparkler in the foreground with the smiling pair in the background. You can add more love appeal by having them kiss and/or gaze into each other’s eyes!

Wedding Sparkler Photo Op Idea 5: Wedding Cakes & Sparklers

Sparklers are fun way to light up the wedding cake! Make sure the photographer gets first dibs on great shots of the cake once the sparklers are lit. Place a single sparkler on top or decorate with a few, depending on the size and height of your wedding cake.